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Dan Garrett (born 31 March 1966 in Maryborough, Queensland) is an Australian singer/songwriter. He currently resides in the US.

Dan is a versatile singer/songwriter who started playing guitar at age 8, paying little attention to the years that followed until a composition he wrote for his church group reached the final of the country songwriting competition at age 25. He did not enter the competition and started playing for himself and his friends. It was that experience that drew him back to music.

While still in his teens, Dan wrote his first song, ‘If Jesus Came’ – a moving, poignant ballad which has become one of his most-requested tracks.

In the early 1990s, Dan spent most of his time in Australia as a songwriter. He worked with some of Australia’s top songwriters (e.g. Beccy Cole and Mark Holden) and produced and co-wrote a few songs, but his heart was not in it. It wasn’t until he started playing live for the first time at age 26, that he discovered his passion for playing live and performing songs. Around this time he toured Australia playing his songs and was very successful.

In 1995 he went to the US with a backpack and an acoustic guitar and no idea where he was going. During that time he met producer/engineer, Roger Stockham and his band the 101ers who then recorded five of Dan’s songs. This resulted in Dan and the 101ers recording a studio album (which they never released) and some 40 live recordings which were eventually put together and released in the US as a CD titled, Dan Garrett – The One.

Upon returning home to Australia, Dan decided to start performing his own songs. In 2001 he won the Country Music Australasian Songwriter of the Year Award and in 2003 the Australasian Songwriter of the Year Award and he toured Australia with a sold-out solo show.

In 2006 Dan signed with indie-label Doghouse Records and released his debut album, A Little Bit Crazy. The album has been met with rave reviews. He followed up with A Little Bit Less Crazy released in 2008.


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