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autoCAD can be downloaded for free, but the free version of AutoCAD is limited to one user. If you want to purchase AutoCAD you will have to purchase the software for your computer platform (license) and also the software for a standard (client) license for every user.

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In 2011, 34 million of AutoCAD users had a total of 500 million CAD drawings.

AUTOCAD was designed to create specific products. The software comes in two versions: the home or desktop version and the enterprise (server) version.

AutoCAD works on computers, but you can also use it on mobile phones, iPads and even on the Web.

Desktop AutoCAD is a program for computer-aided drafting. AutoCAD software is very sophisticated and complex.

The desktop AutoCAD software is used in the preparation and editing of engineering drawings, creating 3D architectural models for construction projects, and producing 2D maps.

The desktop version of AutoCAD was initially only available for the IBM PC and compatible systems. In 1985, AutoCAD was first offered for the Apple Macintosh.

The mobile or web version of AutoCAD was first introduced in 1999 and is compatible with any Apple, Android or Windows phone.

AutoCAD is available in both 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) software, with a 32-bit version of AutoCAD designed for the Intel 80386 processor.

A number of operating systems are supported by AutoCAD. These are the most popular operating systems that are used by AutoCAD users today.

AutoCAD was used for engineering and architectural projects. Here are some of the most common uses for AutoCAD:

Creating architectural models.

Creating design plans.

Creating new building designs.

Drawing 2D construction plans.

Creating 2D construction drawings.

Creating construction elevations.

Creating 3D architectural models.

Producing electronic and printed versions of CAD drawings.

Creating 3D architectural models.

Creating floor plans.

Creating technical designs.

Creating CAD drawings.

Creating PDF files.

Creating 2D and 3D CAD drawings.

AutoCAD is the most commonly used CAD application in the world.

AutoCAD software is complex

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CAD; AutoCAD is available for Windows, macOS and Linux platforms.

There are several software development kits available for AutoCAD, in addition to the above listed features, each based on AutoLISP, Visual LISP, VBA,.NET or ObjectARX. A development kit for AutoCAD uses one or more of these programming languages. It is necessary to choose the correct development kit for a particular application or problem. For example, a company building a CAD software needs to select a development kit to support the platform it plans to build on. As a result, most CAD software is created using a combination of these technologies.

AutoCAD is also available in a version for mobile devices running iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and macOS. Although it is based on the same AutoCAD engine as the desktop version, it has been created in order to support touch-based devices. A free trial version is available.

AutoCAD was originally released in 1986 by Autodesk for the Apple Macintosh II, and was initially developed by a team at the University of Washington, led by Gary M. Rea.

The original version of AutoCAD was released in 1985 and bundled with only the Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) technology, which was not able to import the drawing data from an external file. It could only import the cross-sections from imported drawing files that were imported using the cross-section feature in another drawing application such as MicroStation, which was released earlier that year.

Macintosh CAD was renamed to AutoCAD when released in 1986. Since then, the company has released numerous updates to AutoCAD. AutoCAD 2009 was a major release, and AutoCAD 2010 was a major release which included features such as parametric and feature based drawing, parametric solid and surface modeling, KINETIC functionality, 3D modeling, AutoCAD DGNX, and much more. The latest version of AutoCAD, AutoCAD R2016, was released on December 11, 2016.

Release history

AutoCAD Release History


As of AutoCAD 2010, AutoCAD contains the following features:

CAD Technology

AutoCAD 2010:

Parametric Modeling

AutoCAD 2009:

Drafting Tools
Parametric Modeling
Drawing Tools

AutoCAD 2008:

Initial Release

AutoCAD 2007:

Initial Release

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Create your first model.

Do not close the program.

Go to the Options > Preferences and select the File History tab.

Click on File > AutoCAD > Close command.

You will be prompted with the following dialog box:

The dialog box will inform you that the data of the previous Autocad session has been saved in a new file.

Click OK.

Now start a new Autocad session.

Create your second model.

Close the first Autocad session.

Finish your work and exit from Autocad.

If you have not closed the Autocad before exiting, you will be prompted with the following dialog box:

You need to save the previous Autocad session before closing it.

Click OK.

Now start the second Autocad session.

Create your third model.

Close the second Autocad session.

Now finish your work and exit the program.

Now close Autocad.

If you are prompted with the following dialog box:

You will be asked to save the previous Autocad session.

Click OK.

Now you can close the software.

If you encounter the message dialog box “Any changes to the AutoCAD database require re-entering the data; Do you want to proceed with this operation?” then answer “Yes” or “No” for each file history dialog box separately.

In the case of “Yes”, you will see the confirmation window again asking you to save the data to a new file.

Click OK.

Now you have to save the previous Autocad session.

Click OK.

Now you can close the software.

## User Interface of AutoCAD 2010

To start the Autodesk AutoCAD 2010, click on the Autodesk AutoCAD 2010 icon on the desktop.

As shown in the following figure, you will see the splash screen of Autodesk AutoCAD 2010.

As shown in the following figure, we are in the menu bar.

As shown in the following figure, we are in the command line.

As shown in the following figure, we are in the model space.

As shown in the following figure, we are in the status bar.

As shown in the following figure, we are in the status bar again.

As shown in the following figure, we are in the workspace.

As shown in the following figure,

What’s New in the?


Designer- and non-designer-friendly: An analysis of CAD tooling for designers and non-designers, by analogy to the principle of gender-neutral design. (video: 6:35 min.)

Choreographer’s Workbench:

Designers have three new features:

Choreographer: New custom ribbon to quickly animate and visualize the sequence of operations performed by a user, regardless of their design tools.

3D Design Workbench: New tool bar to automatically adjust for 3D models.

Articulated modeling tools: New shape language to simplify and make more natural models.

These are a few of the features and enhancements included in the next release of AutoCAD 2023. We encourage you to watch the videos to see the product tour, examples of the new features, and learn about the new workbenches. If you need help using the software, we also encourage you to visit our online help or ask our Tech Support team for assistance.

The new Workbenches

The Choreographer Workbench helps users visualize the sequence of drawings that a user executes with the application. This ribbon provides a context to understand the workflow of how a user manipulates drawings, and helps automate repetitive actions. For example, the user can quickly see which part of a model is being worked on, and create new layers, symbols, and styles. The ribbon has three views, two with an inspector for performance and detail, and one summary view to verify that all operations have been completed.

To get started, open a drawing, and switch to the Choreographer ribbon:

Once you activate the ribbon, a menu opens at the top of the drawing:

Select the specific part of the drawing that you are working on. Then select a tool from the drop-down menu. Finally, add the tools to your workflow with the checkboxes:

The ribbon animation starts immediately after the first change. It moves from the top to the bottom of the drawing. The color of the ribbon indicates which tool is being used:

The second view shows the specific objects that are being worked on in the drawing:

If you have any drawing errors, such as a missing or duplicated object, the ribbon will highlight the problem area. To clear any errors, click on the fix errors button in the ribbon.

The third view shows the most recently

System Requirements:

Windows 7 (64-bit)
DirectX 9.0c
OSX 10.8
Intel Core i3, 2 GHz
DirectX 11
OSX 10.10
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