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AutoCAD is a multipurpose computer-aided design and drafting software application, specifically developed for 2D and 3D drafting, visualization and documentation of building and structural elements such as buildings, pipes, bridges, and underground facilities. The application is used by architects, engineers, surveyors, and other professional designers for the following purposes: • Creation of drawings, graphs and section views of objects • Design and drafting of structural drawings and construction documents • Development of conceptual design and engineering models • Technical documentation and publication • Solution of problems on the CAD software platform AutoCAD is a desktop application that works on personal computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems. For faster performance, AutoCAD is optimized to run on an Intel Core 2 Duo processor. Additionally, AutoCAD is now compatible with the following Intel Core processors: • i3 • i5 • i7 • Xeon However, AutoCAD is also available as a web application that can be accessed from any web browser. To make it easier for users to access the web application, AutoCAD has changed from a Windows user interface (UI) to a web-based interface. Differences between the desktop and web version of AutoCAD Desktop version Web version Platforms supported Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, and macOS Apple macOS, Windows, and Linux Technology supported CAD API supported CAD API supported Platform and technology requirements Intel Core 2 Duo processor Intel Core 2 Duo processor Connectivity required Internet connection Internet connection Language supported English English More on the various platforms that AutoCAD supports is available in the table below: Platform Operating system Availability 1 Android 4.0 and higher 2 Android 5.0 and higher 3 iOS 8 and higher 4 Android 4.4 and higher 5 iOS 9 and higher CAD API Supported Yes, Autodesk offers two sets of CAD API functions: • DGN Functions – These are functions from the DGN file format, which is capable of working with geometric data such as line, polyline, arc, spline, circle, ellipse, bezier curve

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AutoCAD is also available in a web-based form. AutoCAD Web Services were based on a client-server architecture, providing web services, a scripting interface, and a UI toolkit. The same client-server architecture was also used to develop AutoCAD LT web services. The current Web Services architecture is based on web services, providing a command-line interface as well as the web interface. AutoCAD file format The native.dwg file format, first introduced in AutoCAD LT version 4, is an evolving standard. The DWG file format supports a hierarchical file model with objects such as layers, blocks, layers, path, text styles, and 3D views, and such objects support properties. A drawing is typically composed of objects, linked by a node graph. The dwg format was inspired by the native CAD drawing formats that preceded it, and it is a strict superset of these. Raster graphics are supported as bitmaps, vector graphics, and.pdf,.eps, and.tif (targa) formats, and every AutoCAD drawing can be saved in all these formats. The native.dwg file format can be exported to other formats. A.dwg file can contain multiple sheets, each in a separate file. A drawing can be split into two or more files, with each file representing the state of the drawing at a particular date and time. The file formats that can be exported from AutoCAD are: Raster images: bitmap (.bmp) and.jpeg (JPEG) Vector images: Adobe Illustrator (.ai) and.eps (Encapsulated PostScript) Sheet-based objects: PDF (Portable Document Format),.dwf (drawing file format), and other Microsoft Publisher-based formats (.pub) Technical challenges AutoCAD had a large and largely unfriendly user interface in the very beginning. The user interface was developed in a time when the technology to make it easy to use was not available. As a result, the interface required frequent restarting and on some configurations required customizing configuration files. These were good traits in a product that was being developed to meet a demanding customer, but in a product that was to be made available to the public they were poor traits to have. For example, the documentation advised new users not to install the program on their main 3813325f96

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Open Autodesk Autocad. Choose “Import/Create Object” from the menu bar and click “Import/Create”. In the top right corner of the import tool, click on the button that looks like an arrow. The bottom right corner of the image should show the settings screen. In the Settings screen, select “Scanned Image” as the method of importing. This should open up a window with two options in the top left corner. Choose “Image” and import the photograph into the program. When the Import dialog box is finished importing, click “Close” in the upper right. The program is now importing the object into the document. Once the object has been imported, click on the “AutoCAD Details” tab in the top right. A dialog box will pop up, with the object’s name, dimensions, and attribute values. Click “Close”. This should be easy enough for anyone to follow. Remember that you need to have Autodesk Autocad installed on your computer before opening the software and uploading the picture. Hopefully the Autodesk guys will publish the documentation for this new tool sometime in the future. Until then, just take a few minutes and read through this tutorial. A: I don’t believe the images are actually deleted, but rather all of the geometric points of each image are replaced with a single point, along with a number to identify the specific point. If you upload a set of 100 images, and a single point is placed at every geometric point of each of the images, then the resulting point file will have 100 points. You can then easily use that point file to create a new drawing. When an image is imported, the points are created and populated for the drawing. NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Thursday held that a father could be asked to pay child maintenance when he loses his job or is deemed unproductive in the society as the purpose of granting maintenance is to protect children’s interests. The bench of Justices Deepak Gupta, Aniruddha Bose and M R Shah asked the Tamil Nadu government why it was reluctant to take the initiative to compel the former employee’s father to pay maintenance when he had indicated his inability to pay on the basis of his small income. The bench also held that the child maintenance can also be ordered when the father

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2D to 3D: Transform and smooth 2D drawings and surfaces to 3D model. With a few clicks, you can transform a 2D drawing into a 3D model. (video: 1:55 min.) Rapidly work with many parts, models, and objects at the same time. The Pro, Premium, and Architectural Templates are available now for the first time. Previously, the Architectural Templates were only available as BIM and Revit templates. Precisely control edits with the new Standard Rotation Tool. With this tool, you can rotate lines and surfaces accurately to any degree. Follow-up rendering can now be done after changes have been made to a drawing. Drawings now save content-specific styles and renderings. Use floating AutoCAD objects to work more efficiently and quickly. Keep design-related information on the same page as your design using the new floating objects tool. Standard dimensions are now available for the text fields in many panels. Use the new “apply to all” option for standard dimension text. Properties panel: Add and remove properties from objects and annotate objects. The properties panel contains tools that organize commonly used property data, including dimension, scale, engineering, and datum. You can also view dimension and engineering properties from the properties panel as well as annotate objects. Improved AutoCAD menu: Redesign the menus for more screen real estate. The AutoCAD menus have been updated and consolidated. Performance improvements: Improve performance when opening large files, such as DWG files. Pro version: Includes the new Standard Rotation Tool, which includes the ability to rotate lines and surfaces to any degree. AutoCAD Graphics: Import and animate graphics from various file formats such as PDF. Easily use text boxes on a graphic and adjust text and colors. Enhanced design collaboration: Post comments, track changes, comment on objects, and add comments to other people’s drawings all within a 3D model, so you can understand how other people are designing and collaborate without leaving your drawings. Supports enhanced text and vector enhancements, such as advanced character replacement, custom appearance, and auto-extend. Supports importing and displaying of native PDF objects, such as: Vector graphics

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2GB of RAM and 2GB of VRAM Windows 7 or higher DX 11.0 Changelog: V2: Extended the body and neck areas of the character. V1: Added the head and torso of the character. Modified the legs of the character to give a more realistic look to it. Added a texture to the chest of the character. Added a new animation to the character. Added a black color to the eyes of the character.

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