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As of June 2019, Autodesk has over 35 million users around the world who use AutoCAD Crack Free Download. In 2012, Autodesk reported that it had 36 million licensees for its CAD software including Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD, and others.

Design Software

AutoCAD is a CAD application for design and drafting in 2D or 3D. It has a number of functions:


Horizontal and vertical drafting

Drawing a variety of shapes including circles, polygons, rectangles, and arcs

Straight and curved line segments

Creation of arcs, ellipses, parabolas, and hypocycloids

Measurements: diameters, areas, lengths, etc.

Some of the functions of AutoCAD are similar to functions available in other CAD programs such as Inventor and DraftSight. However, some functions unique to AutoCAD are also provided.


Creating 3D objects

Plane equations

Polyhedron modeling


AutoCAD comes in three different versions: AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD LT for Architecture and Civil Engineering, and AutoCAD LT for Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.


The AutoCAD LT version is free for non-commercial use. It has basic functions including both 2D and 3D drafting.

Basic 2D features

Plans, profiles, sections, beams, pipes, and dimensions

Lines, circles, polygons, polyline joints, and splines

Drafting tools

User-defined dimensions

Support for drawing and exporting images

All of the objects can be converted into a DXF file, which is a common file format used to exchange drawing data among CAD programs.

Basic 3D features

Plane equations

Surface modeling

Plane faces


Polyhedron modeling

User-defined dimensions

Support for importing 2D drawings

Export DXF (Drawing Interchange Format) files

Export with a variety of file types

AutoCAD LT for Architecture and Civil Engineering

The AutoCAD LT for Architecture and Civil Engineering version is the most advanced version of AutoCAD LT and provides some more advanced features than the basic AutoCAD LT version. It also provides additional features

AutoCAD Crack

Autodesk Reveal a website created by Autodesk, that allows uploading, editing and sharing 2D and 3D models with other users, though this interface is not available to the general public.

AutoCAD LT is a viewer for AutoCAD DWG files. Unlike Autodesk Revit it does not have a 3D function. In the past, AutoCAD LT had a Windows form interface, but this is no longer available and the only interface is the DOS GUI.

Mac OS X

On August 10, 2008 Autodesk released a beta version of AutoCAD for Mac OS X 10.5. It was previewed by the Macworld Expo in San Francisco. However, it was not released to the public until after Mac OS X 10.6 was released in June 2009. It ran the same applications as the Windows version of AutoCAD, but is entirely written in Cocoa and uses the Carbon APIs.

In 2009, Autodesk introduced a new view tool for AutoCAD called Unite Viewer.
In 2009, Autodesk introduced AutoCAD LT which was designed for AutoCAD novice users and features a Ribbon interface.
In 2010, Autodesk introduced the AutoCAD Architecture Plugin for the Revit application.

AutoCAD Pro 2013, 2014 and later

The next version of Autodesk’s AutoCAD software was introduced in October 2013, AutoCAD 2013. It is an upgrade to the existing Autodesk’s AutoCAD 2009 and AutoCAD LT 2009 and 2010 products. It added core features for electrical, MEP, and piping design. The software also supports the English (United States), Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, and Spanish languages.

In October 2014, Autodesk introduced AutoCAD 2014 which is the first major release in the program to use the 64-bit platform. The program also added 3D views (Perspective and Architectural) and imported vector and bitmap images from architectural drawings.

In October 2017, Autodesk introduced AutoCAD 2017.

AutoCAD 2018
Autodesk’s newest release is AutoCAD 2018 which was released in the Summer of 2018. The product was under development since January 2012. The new 2018 version comes with several new features including new’sticky’ command panel buttons, such as “Fit to Page”, “Fit to Viewport” and “Fit

AutoCAD Torrent (Activation Code) Free

If a program is not activated, it will be automatically activated by the kessgen.

If you close it, the version on the computer will be shown.
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If the “Cannot start” error message appears in the Windows message box,
please reinstall Autocad and then try again.

2. Uninstall Autocad
If you have the license manager in your license file, you will be able to uninstall Autocad if you have previously activated it.

If you don’t have it, follow the directions below:
1) Download the uninstaller, and then save it in the Autocad directory.

2) Double click the uninstaller file.

3) A window appears to show you where you will find the license manager files.

4) Select uninstall and then press “Next.”

5) A window appears to show you where you will find Autocad.
Double click on the Autocad folder to uninstall it.

6) When you delete the program you will have to restart your computer, because the uninstaller will not be activated.

7) Double click the icon on the desktop to restart the computer.

8) Double click the icon on the desktop to restart the computer.

3. Setting Autocad 3D in Windows XP Home Edition
In order to use Autocad 3D in Windows XP, you must first download the Autocad XP
OEM pack from the Autodesk website.

To do this, go to the Autocad Online store.

1) Make sure you are in the “Windows XP Home Edition” section.

2) Click on “Autocad.”

3) Make sure you are in the “Windows XP Home Edition” section.

4) Click on “Home Edition,” and then on “Autocad.”

5) Click on “Update.”

6) Download the Autocad XP.

7) Unzip the Autocad XP.

8) When the dialog appears, double click “AutoCAD XP”

9) Click on “Update.”

10) Follow the instructions on the next window.

11) Click on “Install.”

12) Close the installation wizard.

13) Double click the Autocad icon on your desktop.

14) When the “Open” dialog box appears, select “Autocad 3D” and then press the “Open”

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Insert them at any time from the gallery and save them to the drawing. (video: 1:16 min.)

Create multiple versions of your design to support various iterations, comments, and changes. (video: 0:53 min.)

Add markup with a simple click. (video: 1:21 min.)

Linked Features:

Link connections to other features, including those created with the standard drawing tools. Linking a feature to any other feature requires the precise placement of the line that separates them. (video: 1:22 min.)

You can click and drag to link. (video: 0:59 min.)

Click to link to other features, including:

Within a single drawing, you can link multiple instances of the same feature. (video: 0:59 min.)

You can link features between drawings in the same drawing set. (video: 0:53 min.)

You can link features in a drawing to a feature in another drawing using the Link option, in the Draw Commands on Drawing menu. (video: 1:08 min.)

Linked features preserve the coordinate system of the linked feature. (video: 0:50 min.)

You can link a single feature to multiple properties to make it editable on multiple axes. (video: 0:55 min.)

When you link a feature to multiple properties, you have the option to link an unedited property. (video: 0:53 min.)

You can create a new feature when you link the properties. (video: 0:46 min.)

You can select and link multiple features from a collection. (video: 0:58 min.)

Project Management

Creating your own ARX sequence:

You can create your own sequence of drawings using the Project Manager tool (video: 1:18 min.).

Create and assign sequence orders to drawings in the drawing set. You can access your drawing set from the drawing tools drop-down menu. (video: 0:54 min.)

You can view the Drawing Set overview, open the Detail window, and open and close draw sets. (video: 0:56 min.)

You can open a draw set from the drawing tool drop-down menu. (video: 0:58 min.)

You can open a draw set from the Analysis and Utilities menu. (

System Requirements:

For Desura:
OS: Windows XP/Vista/Win 7/Win 8
CPU: Intel i3-380M, AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4400+
Memory: 4 GB
Graphics: Intel 945GM, ATI HD4850, NVIDIA Geforce GTS 250
DirectX: Version 9.0c
HDD: 300 MB free space
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible soundcard (only certain applications will work)
For Desura Key:
OS: Windows XP

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