FL Studio . 8.0. New project browser. Patcher plug-in. ZGameEditor Visualizer. Bugfixes: Fixed problem with sidechain selectors in Vocodex. Fixed tiny bug in wavetable. Fixed issue with OSC. . Oct 16, 2019 Download FL Studio for Windows . Bugfixes: Fixed issues with project browser and Scrubber bar. Fixed issue with song name in the “Add Files…” dialog. Bugfixes: Fixed issues with OSC and ZGameEditor windows. Bugfixes: Fixed issues with adding new apps to project in Options. Bugfixes: Fixed issue with the current list item being the last selected item in the project. Bugfixes: Fixed issue with battery monitor being disabled for Windows guests. Bugfixes: Fixed issue with open file and note names being cut off in the “Add to Project” dialog. Bugfixes: Fixed issue with some MIDI notes being set as CC messages. Bugfixes: Fixed issue with Oscillator settings not saving correctly. FL Studio 8.2. . Oct 3, 2015 . Bugfixes: Fixed issues with “Import From File” and “Export To File”. Bugfixes: Fixed issues with the playhead not tracking the curve perfectly. Bugfixes: Fixed issue with resolution changing in the ZGameEditor Visualizer. Bugfixes: Fixed issue with Windowed mode clipping the size of selected window (fixes LPIX). Bugfixes: Fixed issue with the MIDI output while in performance mode. Bugfixes: Fixed issue with OSC and MIDI output when disconnected from MIDI devices. Bugfixes: Fixed issue with “OK” not being recognized on Windows XP. FL Studio . What’s new in FL Studio for Windows . Aug 30, 2016 . Bugfixes: Fixed issue with OSC and MIDI output when disconnected from MIDI devices. Bugfixes: Fixed issue with FL Studio . 7.3. Bugfixes: Fixed issue with wavetables not working when a track is selected. Bugfixes: Fixed issue with reconnecting . Mar 18, 2017 . Bugfixes: Fixed issue with DSP switching not working when a track is selected. Bugfixes: Fixed issue with working of panning effects in mic-preferences and project-settings. Bugfixes: Fixed issue with dropping MIDI clip on DAW exit. Bugfixes: Fixed issue with selecting a clip from DAW log in project browser or in

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