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Like this: Like Loading… Thank you for sharing those repo links.
Customization of icon names (and other UI elements) may be possible with the CssImport attribute in.csproj, but i don’t know if the built-in resgen tool can do this.

Is it possible to add a CssImport attribute and use resgen to rename/refactor the icon names with it?
Is there a better approach?
Maybe the name of the icon may be set with the following in the.csproj?:


I now renamed the ressources.resx file in visual studio and then ran resgen but the names don’t change.
I just can’t add the condition for the renamed file, as the condition in the above example isn’t working.
It also doesn’t list the icon names when refreshing the resx file.
I have no clue why it’s not working in my case.


Actually, after i tried all my favorite msbuild tasks like ResGen, ResFix, ResxFileCodeGenerator etc, etc. i noticed one thing which i want to answer my question too:
The icon names are renamed (or auto-generated) after the resx file is changed/renamed.
So if a resx file is renamed to ressources_renamed.resx, then you may check the icon name changes via:

build->rebuild solution or
clean solution or
even checking solution output.

After renaming the resx file, the icon names appears. If you only rename your resx file then

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