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Eclipse Save as template dialog: “No rule configured for resource type…”

I have looked at a couple of posts here on SO dealing with the same issue, but none of the solutions posted there work for me. I’m running Eclipse 3.6.1, and I am also using a 32-bit JDK, which I installed using the Eclipse (oxygen) installer. What I want to do is to create a project template using the Save as Template feature of Eclipse, and to save this new project template as a zip file.
I have configured the “Save as Template dialog” settings, as shown in this photo:

However, when I save the template, the only file in the zip archive is a folder named “CVS” inside my workspace directory, with the content of my workspace folder.
The path of the zip file is: “C:\Users\…\workspace\.metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.core.resources.template\.xpt”
The “CVS” folder contains the following file:

The message error is

The workspace doesn’t contain a resource type “java”.

Does anyone know how to get around this?


I think what you’re doing is ok, but you will need to start Eclipse again.
I’ve also seen what is happening in this case and I think that it’s a bug in Eclipse (3.7.x and 3.8.x).
You can install the 3.6.x binary of Eclipse and you will have no problem creating this template.
In the moment I try to solve it with a workaround.
I’ve created a new Eclipse workspace. When I’m in the workspace I’ve set a default name and I’ve deleted all projects from the workspace. Now I’ve changed the default name to the name that you want to save the template in, restarted Eclipse and created a new template (from File->New->…->Template->Eclipse->New Template…). I now have my template and I also have my workspace back and this workspace is associated with an Eclipse launch configuration.
By the way, if you created that template with a project (the one you think is important) it will also create the workspace (so you will not need to create the

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