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Dating is the only way we know to meet people (and it is our job at Lifehacker!). To succeed, you must first give yourself a break, stop worrying about how you look, and take risks. Here, we’ll help you get over your fears, uncover the best apps and services for your to-do list, and find a better way to meet people than in the back of the coffee shop. Online Personals If you want a few weeks or a month of fun, then online personals and dating sites are a great place to start. These sites were designed for people who want casual dates and one-night stands, not for people in more serious relationships, and you will likely find yourself on a bunch of sites that would make Greg Liotta in Friends cringe. But there is one that stands out from the others: eHarmony. The site works in a very scientific way to get you into the right matches for you and your preferences, which is an excellent advantage over other sites. On most online dating sites, you are instantly introduced to a thousand potential matches. To sort through that and find people who are similar to you, sites like eHarmony divide users into groups based on their core personality traits. This can be a great way to meet people who are similar to you in personality and disposition. Online personals sites, such as eHarmony, are wonderful because you can try new things and find new people with the click of a button. I’m personally a huge fan of It has been around a lot longer than the other sites, and its user base skews a little older, which means there are a lot of quality people on the site. The site has a lot of cool tools, like the one that allows you to save your conversations with other users so you can contact them later. My favorites are the Messages, People, and your personal profile. Everyone has their favorite one, and if you can’t figure it out, let me know. You can find Match’s eHarmony competitor, OkCupid, at Mobile Dating If the concept of uploading your photo on a dating site sounds horrifying, but you still want to find someone special, you’ve got to try mobile dating. While you’d be right to avoid this if you plan on meeting your future husband or wife for the first time on your computer, mobile dating services (or apps) are a good
Dating in this day and age can be uncomfortable at times. Even if you are good at holding your end and being charming, you may be afraid that your date will reject you or even worse, turn out to be a bad person. We’ve compiled everything you need to get started, from how to be a great conversationalist to tips on how to test out the waters with a crush. What Do I Wear? We all had an awkward first date. A lot of us got dressed up (or worse, overdressed) and were so nervous that we accidentally matched the wrong outfit. That’s why it’s key to have a definitive sense of style, not just a general idea. It’ll save you a lot of time and aggravation if you already know what’s in and what’s out when it comes to dating in today’s world. Of course, having an identifiable style in your everyday life will help you to project your best self as a date, but it’s important to remember that you don’t have to match your outfit to a specific person. Just be comfortable in whatever you wear. If You’ve Ever Been Dating Before, Here’s How to Get Started Again For the first time dater, whether it’s your first date or your first time going on a date with someone new, it’s helpful to have a few guidelines in mind as you approach getting out on the scene. It’s worth taking a second to think about how far things have come since you were in high school or college. You may have dated before, but being a matchmaker takes things to a new level. Here’s what to expect, based on experience: 1. Everyone Has Feelings, But They’re Stronger With Friends It’s kind of scary to think that you want to date someone and you don’t really know what you’re doing. The truth is that you can’t just assume that someone will respond the way you expect them to. You must ask for a friend so you can be certain that your response is correct. But it’s not just asking for a friend that will help you to know what you’re getting into. Being in a real relationship helps someone to build trust and confidence, and you should be happy to discover that you feel comfortable with your date. It’s normal to feel a bit uneasy at first, but if you feel like you’re getting the kind of reaction you want, you know your date is right for you. 2.

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