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1. Ready to Get Out of the Friend Zone? Try a Date Club

Have you ever been on a date that was so awkward, you wished the earth would open up and swallow you? Well, it might not have been your fault. You may have misread the signals and allowed your date to eat you alive. The problem isn’t necessarily your fault; the fault might actually be your date’s. We all make assumptions about people we’re not familiar with and then are prone to making unwise decisions. It’s unlikely, however, that you’ll find yourself in this situation during your life. In fact, you’re more likely to get into a situation where you feel like a million bucks than you are to be sent home with a bad taste in your mouth. The solution? Try a dating club.

A dating club is essentially a party where the men and women meet, chat, and then go their separate ways. Next time you’re in the mood to get out of the friend zone, try a date club. The dating club I recommend is the Open Source Dating Project, and it’s a hell of a lot of fun. The benefits of going to a date club are obvious. You meet a lot of new people, and you may even meet someone you would have never met otherwise. But there are hidden benefits, too, some of which you may not even realize are available to you until you try it. For starters, you’ll probably meet people who are a lot more social, outgoing, and fun than you would have at a bar. You’ll also meet people who understand dating in a different way—dating doesn’t have to mean going to a bar and getting drunk, it can also mean hanging out with friends and learning how to be more outgoing and social.

The dating club is not a dating service, it’s a social club with a twist. Members go to parties, hang out, drink, make friends, and they even (gasp!) go on dates. People who might be looking for serious relationships may not be drawn to these dates, but for those of us who are tired of serious relationships, they make a welcome change. I remember the first party I went to, there were so many people I’d never met before who were flirting with me. I had a really good time, and was introduced to
The Dating World Today

Let’s face it: in this day and age of Match, OkCupid, and A-List blogs, the rules of the dating game are a little different than they were years ago. We understand that to find love, you need to do some self-reflection, and work out what kind of date you want. That’s why we’ve put together a guide that covers a variety of issues:

Dating now: Getting set up and talking to people online. Is dating as it used to be? Is the best way to meet someone still the old-fashioned way?

There’s a lot going on—the dating world isn’t the same as it used to be. But there are things you can do to get yourself on the right path:

Dating Apps: Understand the obstacles Dating apps have made meeting people much easier than it used to be, but they also come with a host of other issues. In order to find out what you’re looking for, check out the Do’s and Don’ts of Using Online Dating Apps.

Check Yourself: Why Getting to Know Yourself Is a Must for Anyone Who’s Trying to Find Love Today Finding love isn’t all that different from when the world was created. As a person matures, he or she will find that things become clearer, and become more aware of themselves and their personality. Regardless of what kind of person you are, you owe it to yourself to learn more about what you like and what you don’t like.

Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses: Use these lessons and tools to help you meet someone you’ll love. Every single person has strengths and weaknesses that make them different from the next person. Make sure you understand yours—and someone else’s—so that you don’t have to guess when the two of you are on a date.

Read up: Looking for love can be daunting and confusing. To find what’s missing from your relationship and what you can do to make it better, take a look at 10 keys to a successful relationship.

Online Dating: What’s so New?

This is a great time to be online, and online dating definitely has its perks. To find a date on the go, don’t always have to leave your couch—check out these five options that have you covered.

A while ago, online dating was frowned upon—the idea was that you had to jump out and get things going. Thankfully, those days

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