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Movie Folder Pack 02 Crack+ Activation Free X64 [2022-Latest]

Includes 880 movie folder icons in different sizes: 32×32, 48×48, 64×64, 128×128 and 256×256 px with native and dock versions available. All images are ready to be used as such with or without blur, no stretched borders, no overlayed.
Known Issues:
32×32 & 64×64 (ICO):
There is a problem in which one row is missing for the image with a total size of 2×3. If you want to find out how to fix this issue, please follow this link:
128×128 (ICO):
There is a problem in which one row is missing for the image with a total size of 2×3.
If you want to find out how to fix this issue, please follow this link:
256×256 (PNG):
There is a problem in which one row is missing for the image with a total size of 2×3.
If you want to find out how to fix this issue, please follow this link:
All icons come in three versions, namely.png,.ico
If you want to find out how to install the desktop icons in Windows for your specific version of Windows, please follow this link:
* You can find the source files of all the icons in file.
If you want to work on the icons and make them better, please follow this link to the repo:

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Movie Folder Pack 02 Registration Code Latest

A pack of 11 icons designed to replace the default icons used in the Windows desktop and file/folder managers. The icon set will come in the following styles: PNG, SVG, METS and ICO.

Like all my Icon Packs, Movie Folder Pack 02 comes in the following editions:

This is a MUST HAVE collection!

Custom Mac-only Vector Icons with Matching Smaller/Larger Icons

A whopping 72 icons in total

50 PNG Icons in 11 categories

2 Large and 11 Smaller/Larger icons

Each icon is in the sizes 128×128, 128×64, 64×64, 48×48, 32×32, 24×24, 16×16, 8×8 and 4×4

A special USB Flash Drive icon

A File Explorer icon set

A Desktop Folder icon set

A Folder Icons icon set

A File Icons icon set

A Path Bar icon set

A New Tab icon set

A Bookmark icon set

A Pop Up icon set

Size 757 KB


“The icons are free and simple to use, and iconset designer Marco Arment does a lot of work to make them work well.”

“It has plenty of icons in all sizes needed by all Windows software.”

“Icons that are up to 16×16 pixels and that can be made larger and smaller on the fly.”

“For an icon pack where you have a lot of options, it gets a rating of 4 out of 5.”

Bigger is not always better – in fact, it often is.

With over 40 million users and counting, it is clear that Windows users are not only used to large icons. In fact, many Windows users tend to use icons that are as large as possible, especially those that are used to apply a global theme to the system. However, as Mac OS X users have for several years now used icons that are as small as possible, there is a dire need for an icon pack that can provide Windows users with icons that are not only not huge, but that are even smaller than the icons that are already used on the Mac.

Have no fear, as the icons in the collection of Movie Folder Pack 02, available on GraphicRiver, will

Movie Folder Pack 02

Flash Speed Pixel is a quick and useful software that can resize images for you in order to make the pictures more appealing. The software supports almost all the popular image formats including BMP, Gif, JPG, PNG, TGA, TIF and so on. Besides, this tool also has a built-in preview feature that will preview the image before making changes and saves the images in multiple sizes and resolutions for you to choose.
Flash Speed Pixel Main Features:

FlatBoat is a little icon set that was designed to provide you with multiple cool-looking flat icons that will improve the overall appearance of your desktop items. Additionally, FlatBoat comes with a nice variety of designed items that you can use for your browser toolbars, buttons, and even app launchers.

FlatBoat Includes:

Browser toolbars


App Launchers



Web Search

Glowing Smoke Glass Icon Pack is a professional desktop icon collection that includes a lot of different styles, shapes and colors that can be used for different purposes. This icon pack comes with 88 total desktop icons that include such categories as window icons, file icons, document icons, edit icons, etc.

Glowing Smoke Glass Icon Pack Includes:

Main Window Icons

Document Icon Set

File Icon Set

Edit Icon Set

Window Icon Set

Showcase Wallpaper

Egg icon theme is a beautifully designed icon set that will help you to craft a sleek and memorable interface on your Windows OS. The pack comes with 31 unique icons that are crafted to enhance your desktop experience. The icons are easy to use and also offer a variety of colors that will allow you to customize this icon set according to your own design needs.

Egg Icon Theme Included:

App Launcher

App Menus





File Explorer


General Application


Glowing Smoke Glass is a stylish icon pack that will help you to craft a desktop experience that will impress. The pack includes a large collection of emojis, icons, and many other color schemes that will come in handy for those who want a cool desktop experience. The pack has been designed with a focus on aesthetics and is compatible with Windows 8, 8.1, 10 and 7.

Glowing Smoke Glass Icon Pack Features:

A large collection

What’s New In Movie Folder Pack 02?

– 23 Wallpapers that will provide you with a nice variety of desktop theme.- 16 desktop icons that can be used as shortcuts to your applications.- All these items are handcrafted and designed to fit well in your desktop and mood.- All the graphics are in a size of 1024×1024 pixels.- You will find both PNG and ICO versions for all the items included in this collection.


To get a good flavor of the items in the pack, I have included 23 desktop wallpapers in the set. These wallpapers will provide you with a nice variety of desktop themes to choose from.

To get the best results, place the icons or images to be placed on the desktop that you have in your PC on a transparent background. Then, go to the wallpapers section and choose a nice wallpaper that will match perfectly with those icons.

Desktop Icons:

Here you have 16 icons that can be used to replace the default icons of your applications on your desktop.

To get the best results, place the icons or images to be placed on the desktop that you have in your PC on a transparent background. Then, go to the icons section and choose the best icon that will match perfectly with those images.

For example, if you have a PowerPoint icon on your desktop, find a suitable icon that fits better the look that you are trying to achieve.

I’ve tried several apps, that except from Png files, only accept the PNG files. My favorite is Awn Dock 2 and MouseKeyboard, now there are so many I can’t remember.

Thanks for sharing the logo themes. I have a resource site, where I will soon have the Mac download of the logo theme’s such as these.

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System Requirements For Movie Folder Pack 02:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i3 2.4 GHz, AMD Phenom II X4 940
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Video Card: 512 MB NVIDIA GeForce 9800 or AMD Radeon X1800 or higher
Hard Disk: 2 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Input Devices: Standard keyboard, Standard mouse
Other: Internet connection for DLC

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