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WPSweep is a simple command line tool that allows you to ping a range of IPs, and lists the ones that reply.





WPSweep was created on the 18th of August 2013.

Bugs / Request

This is a list of known bugs and features requests. It is unlikely the bugs and requests will be implemented, but if you request something and it’s a really major feature, then it’s worth noting here.

When you change the terminal, you can use the full password, the prefix or nothing.

When using the “Use Password” option, it is remembered the next time you run WPSweep (whether for the first time or not). It just makes it easier.

If you use a domain that has multiple IP addresses, you need to use that. E.g: If you live at home and work at work, you need to enter in your home IP address and office address with the domain name.

I’d like to see a feature request for /list so you can view the different IPs we see at the moment.

Hm, I need to mention, how hard it is to find this little tool, I only saw it this year. So for more people to find it, it should have a front page and a big ‘ping me’ button…

That would be a bit too easy to find. All you need to do is google for WP Sweeping, get to the top of the first page and click on it. Some of us don’t have a million requests to read.

Hm, I need to mention, how hard it is to find this little tool, I only saw it this year. So for more people to find it, it should have a front page and a big ‘ping me’ button…

That would be a bit too easy to find. All you need to do is google for WP Sweeping, get to the top of the first page and click on it. Some of us don’t have a million requests to read.

No offense but you’re missing the point of the thread. I’m not complaining that it’s not on the front page. The point is, how many people know about it? The point is to get as many people as possible using it. I think I have a pretty good idea of how most people use the internet, even if some of

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It pings your target IP addresses, then sends a short pings using a Windows Sysinternals utility and prints the results. The pings are short (only a single ping) to prevent Denial of Service (DOS) attacks.
WPSweep Summary:
The program is easy to use, and only takes a few steps to run. You need to enter the target IP addresses and their subnets, then click the “Sweep” button. A progress bar will show you as it runs your test. Once it is finished, you can hit the “Report” button and get a list of any reply IP addresses.
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*A small command line tool, designed to be as easy to use as possible.
*It has been designed to make it easy for people to setup and keep track of web application vulnerabilities.
*It’s designed to be used in a script or batch file by default, but can be run at the command line or as a standalone application.
*It checks if Internet Services like DNS, SMTP, POP3, PING, SSH and other services that the web server can provide are accessible to Internet IP addresses and lists the ones that reply.
*It was designed to be as simple as possible, to be easy to configure and keep track of.
*An exe or dll can be included to allow an administrator to automatically find and scan application vulnerabilities.
*This is more a research tool than a tool to find and exploit vulnerabilities.
*If you need to target specific vulnerabilities you can do that with a filter file.

How to use:
* If there are no known vulnerabilities found for the version of the web software being tested, a message will be displayed.
* If the application has a known vulnerability displayed, a file named vulnerability.txt will be created.
* This file contains the exploit/buffer overflow details for the application.
*If a Web Server application has no warnings displayed the Web Server application is safe, no exploits can be performed.

* Applications without an IP address, such as Web Server, are not checked for remote buffer overflows.
* Web servers are not checked for remote authentication.

For further reference about WPSweep visit:

Based on:

WPSweep is opensource and released under the GNU General Public License version 3.

Thanks to:
sinn3r, Peter K, and James Dyer for suggesting and promoting WPSweep.

How to use:
1. Unzip the zipped folder into any directory on your machine.
2. Start the application by typing WPSweep.exe.
3. Start the application with the command line options.

wpsweep.exe -a -i web.loc -u -d -j


What’s New In WPSweep?

As the Ping Sweep application is still in its early stages, basic information is only available for now.
2.5 beta build
Ping Sweep
Other Notes:
If you have feedback for us, please send it to the WPSweep mailing list:

Download the latest version of the application here:

This guide will guide you through the steps you need to do in order to install the application on a Debian 6 “Squeeze” based distribution.
gcc 3.4.5 or later
bash 3.2.0 or later
Debian “Squeeze” based distribution
An access to the internet (if not accessible through the local network)
Install the prerequisites:
# wget
# tar xvfz wpsweep-%202.5.tar.gz
# cd wpsweep-%202.5
# sudo apt-get -y build-essential
# sudo apt-get -y install libmp3lame-dev libsndfile-dev
# sudo apt-get -y install libtool autotools-dev automake libtool-bin libssl-dev
# sudo apt-get -y install libidn11-dev libgnutls-dev
# sudo apt-get -y install bsdmainutils net-tools
# sudo apt-get -y install libaacs0 libnghttp2-dev libncursesw5-dev libncursesw5 libicu-dev libicu-le-hb-dev
# sudo apt-get -y install libpcap-dev libio-socket-dev libglib2.0-dev libidn11-dev libgnutls-dev
# sudo apt-get -y install libsndfile1 libsndfile1-dev libalsa-dev libpulse-dev libpulse-dev libpulse0
# sudo apt-get -y install lib

System Requirements For WPSweep:

Intel® Pentium® processor 2.4 GHz Dual Core
1 GB of RAM (Microsoft® Windows® 7/Vista/XP/2000)
AMD Athlon® X2 64 Processor (Windows® 7)
1 GB of RAM
DirectX® 9.0 compatible video card with 128 MB of RAM
How to install
Open the package and close it. (Save it in your Archives folder if you want to install it later.)
Go to your Start Menu, open Run (Winkey+R)

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