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There are lots of Photoshop tutorials on the Web. Some are professionally produced, while others are basic how-to guides. We’ve included a few good examples in this chapter.

FIGURE 2-1: A minimum of 20 layers is recommended.

Figure 2-1 shows a Photoshop document that contains a single layer, named Loft Image. Three additional layers are stacked on top of Loft Image in the Layers panel.

Photoshop layers are like the pages of a book; you can add more pages and move pages around. In this example, Loft Image and the three stacked layers serve as an infinite set of pages in a magazine that illustrates the concept of layers. You can add as many pages as necessary by adding more overlapping layers.

The maximum number of overlapping layers is 500, and the order in which they overlap determines the depth of the image, not the pixels. However, the number of overlapping layers increases the processing time and file size. To create a good example of layers, create several overlapping pages in Photoshop, such as pages 10 to 15. Then use Photoshop’s Merge Down command to create the desired effect. In the next section, we show you how to merge layers.

Merging layers

The Merge Down command is the key to creating powerful Photoshop documents. You can merge layers that you’ve created and then use the composite layers. These layers can then be copied and inserted into a new Photoshop document, where the composite layers serve as the basis of a new document. You can’t perform all these tasks with individual layers, but you can with composite layers.

As an example, we show you how to create a backdrop for an image and then merge the layers into one image. If you start with a white paper with no layers, to create a backdrop, you need to add a tonal adjustment layer so that you can easily see the edges of the paper. Then you need to layer a solid color layer on top of the adjustment layer. Use Photoshop’s Fill or Stroke tool to create a solid color (white or an appropriate color for the backdrop). Then you can fine-tune the color with the Eyedropper tool or by painting with the Fill or Stroke tools.

Next, select a page from the Create a Backdrop from a Photo example on the DVD and drag the new backdrop image onto the Photoshop page you just created. As you drag, the thumbnail in the Layers panel enlarges. Don’t worry about the image being sized correctly —

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Photoshop Elements 10 will be available for download as both Mac and Windows versions. Below are a few tips to help you get started with Photoshop Elements and edit your photos.

Quick Tips for Newbies

Use the crop tool to crop photos and keep sizes identical.

If you find a photo that you want to modify, instead of resizing, crop the image to the size you want and then right-click/control-click and select resize from there.


Restoration is basically any operation that is performed to improve the overall quality of an image.

They are mostly used to fix certain types of defects and restore damaged parts of images. The result usually looks better than no restoration. Adobe Photoshop Elements lets you edit the following types of objects:

Red Eye Correction

A common issue in photos is stray lights causing red eyes. Red Eye Correction helps you correct a red eye in any photo.

Use the Adjustment Layers to place the red eye correction.

Check out the Photoshop Elements tutorials for more detailed information on how to adjust the red eye in Photoshop Elements.


The Retouching tools make it easy to retouch an image and provide you with several options to make an image look better.

Arrow – Use the Arrow tool to select an area of an image that you want to move or rotate.

Control – Control is used to fix an area that is moving out of place. Use a brush to paint in areas of the image where you want the object to be.

Polygonal Lasso – The Polygonal Lasso tool is used to create a selection area around the selected area. You can use the control button to rotate and modify the selected area.

Elliptical Marquee – Use the Elliptical Marquee tool to select an area of an image to be removed.

Brush – Use the brush tool to select a color and paint over the area you want to remove.

Eraser – This tool erases parts of the image and can be used to remove things like wrinkles or unwanted brush strokes.

Magnify and Zoom – To view the images at a closer distance, you can increase the zoom level.

Highlight + Suppress – The Highlight + Suppress tool is used to select a highlight that is different than your surroundings.

Apply a Filter

You can use the filter tools to add professional effects

Photoshop 2022 (Version 23.4.1) Crack

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System Requirements For Photoshop 2022 (Version 23.4.1):

Supported Video Cards:
All video cards released by AMD or Nvidia compatible with the following requirements.
Video Card Version < 11.11
Released On or Before 11.11
The latest drivers for video card version
3D Vision Certified
1GB VRAM or more
ATI Mobility Radeon X1000 or ATI Radeon X1100 series
NVIDIA GeForce 8 series
NVIDIA GeForce 9 series
GeForce GTX 500 series
GeForce GTX 600 series

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