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The Report Viewer Pro is a handy application designed for businesses that use Crystal Reports, enabling users to view the content of the generated reports.
The program is designed to open .RPT files and help you update them. The new auto-refresh allows you to put the reports into a presentation mode, and refresh with current data a set intervals
You will be able to export the opened reports to various file formats, including PDF, Excel, Word or HTML. The ribbon toolbar offers fast access to features, which makes the program very easy to use.







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*- Supports PDF, HTML, XLS and XML reports formats
*- Offers the features to support the most recent Microsoft Windows
*-Supports the ability to open reports from a remote location
*- New auto-refresh feature allows you to put the reports into a presentation mode, and refresh with current data a set intervals
*-New Properties dialog allows you to specify the presentation for each report
*-New Outlook 2007 Support
*-Access file information in the Help window
*-Saving the opened report to a PDF format
*-Save a report as an HTML or a XLS file
*-New review tab allows you to check whether your business model is according to the report
*-New Preview tab allows you to preview the report before you release it to production
*-New Change log tab allows you to check whether any special changes have been made for your report
*-New License tab allows you to export all licenses you have created for the reports
*-New Live Preview Allows you to preview the report before you open and view the information
*-More than 150 file formats supported by the program
*-New optimization engine reduces the use of system resources and accelerates the operation of the software
*-New.NET assembly is added to the program
*-New on-the-fly Reflection engine is added to the program
*-New Ajax-based interface helps you reduce the size of the program by decreasing the user interface size
*-New compatibility with modern browsers is added to the program
*-New logo is added to the program
*-New text is added to the program
*-New Improved automated installation
*-New Improved installation and uninstallation

Interface & Layout
– Two main panels, one for the report viewer and another for the controls
– The report viewer area is divided into two areas: the preview area and the main area
– The preview area is divided into three parts: the document area, the list panel and the controls panel
– The document area is divided into two parts: the document icon and the preview area
– The document icon and the preview area have a smaller size than the rest of the area
– The list panel displays the export options that you can use to save the report
– The controls panel contains the commands and buttons that control the preview of the report

Report Preview
– Reports in Crystal Reports can be previewed in two ways: a preview panel and a report viewer

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* Quickly update the reports with new data
* Complete automation of report creation
* Ability to create PDF, Excel, Word or HTML reports
* Access data from the outside of the report
* New auto-refresh option for reports
* XSLT syntax highlighting and color coding in reports.
* Export to PDF, Excel, Word and HTML
* Print report directly to the printer or to a file.
* Support of COM objects
* Native Windows printing support

You can easily update your reports via the built-in data sources, or web services. 
The program supports a large number of exporting and formats:
* Excel
* Word
* PostScript
* Text
* Text or HTML (SVG)
The program is designed for Crystal Reports users, and supports all Crystal Reports versions.
The latest version has been upgraded to Visual Studio 2010.

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Table where data is read one by one using array

I am creating a table where each row has an input text box and an image button.
It is like: I have one row with 3 columns, one is a textbox and an image button.
Now when I type in the input box and click the image button, it should read the input into an array and then use that array to populate the table below.
like if I type 1234 then the table below should display: 1 2 3 4.
How do I achieve this?
I can use a for loop to go through each and every input box in the table and then use an array. But is there a table syntax which allows us to do this?


You could use innerHTML property of a td to get the values from the inputs and then use a for loop for each one:

var inputValues = document.getElementsByClassName(“input”);
var inputValues = Array.from(inputValues);
var text = document.getElementsByClassName(“text”);
for(var i = 0; i

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* Fast – with several format export, you can save the reports to images in a few steps
* Many options included – any reports that are opened automatically are auto-refreshed with current data
* Supports all.rpt files
* Many other features, including shape-based charting, auto-positioning, and high-performance rendering engines to deliver full screen resolution

Version update: new version includes: fix for previous version, where a procedure called from a local macro did not save its results
Version update: bugfix on html page export (image correction)
Version update: bugfix to keep focus on current report on mouseout
Version update: bugfix to keep focus on current report on mouseout
Version update: bugfix for document close
Version update: bugfix for document close
Version update: to keep focus on current report on mouseout
Version update: bugfix to keep focus on current report on mouseout
Version update: bugfix for objects autofit
Version update: to keep focus on current report on mouseout
Version update: update for.NET framework 3.5 SP1
Version update: new option in xml export to enable/disable the opening of the container(s)
Version update: new option to save the current window position
Version update: new option to save the current window position
Version update: fixed typo
Version update: fixed typo in MSN support message
Version update: MSN fix
Version update: bugfix
Version update: bugfix for word format export
Version update: bugfix for XML format export
Version update: support version.NET framework 3.5
Version update: Bugfix for XML format export
Version 1.1.0.

What’s New In?


Create, publish, and manage reports and subscriptions.


Create various report types, including table, matrix, calendar, tree, and bar charts.


Create reports from files, documents, and URL links.


Choose from various fonts, sizes, and colors.


Use the built-in PDF export functionality to export reports to PDF format.


Publish reports to various destinations such as printer, FTP, email, and document sharing.


Generate reports from various databases including MS SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, dBASE, MSSQL, and MySQL.


Query report fields, domains, and data parameters.


Use Existing Subscriptions (.rept) as a basis for your reports.


Automatically refresh reports (and/or schedule auto-refresh reports) using database fields or parameters.


Allow various authentication methods including Active Directory, SAML, Kerberos and Unix.


Supports various language functions including dates, currency, and so on.

Report Viewer Pro Antivirus Protection:

The program will automatically scan your computer for viruses, spyware, malware, etc. to ensure your computer is free from them.

Report Viewer Pro Documentation:

The documentation consists of a user guide, which can be accessed from the Help menu. The provided documentation will explain how to get started with this program, how to deploy reports, and so on. A full tutorial for deploying reports will be included.

Report Viewer Pro Requirements:

Report Viewer Pro reviews provide comprehensive information on Report Viewer Pro, including the minimum requirements to run the program and the Microsoft Windows version compatibility.

Report Viewer Pro Pricing:

The program costs $30 (USD) for the Standard version, $75 for the Professional version and $120 for the Developer version. Users from the Ukraine will be charged $30.

Report Viewer Pro Screenshot:

The following Report Viewer Pro screenshots provide you with a preview of the program’s interface.

Report Viewer Pro Main Features:

The following is a list of features in Report Viewer Pro, along with brief descriptions of what they do:

Main Features:


Create, publish, and

System Requirements:

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