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The draw commands that allow the creation of a drawing consist of only a few hundred lines of code, and are similar to the commands used in the Basic language. The standard drawing features of AutoCAD are implemented with an advanced mechanism called the Gizmo. This is an icon-based interface that enables the user to select drawing commands from menus and lists and to arrange them in a screen layout that is similar to the drawing board on which they were created. A Gizmo is an extension of the drawing that is activated to perform a task. Drawing Gizmos are part of the drawing area, but have a special position and appearance.

In 1992, AutoCAD was ported from DOS to Microsoft Windows, which increased its popularity. To improve usability, the Gizmos have been replaced with context-sensitive and -aware buttons, which respond to the functions and other items they represent. For example, a red button next to a text box performs the text-processing function when clicked, while a button to the right of the text box performs the align-to-grid function, depending on the view setting of the user.

The modeling feature in AutoCAD is based on the basic concept of 3D objects. It allows you to create 3D geometry such as boxes, extruded boxes, spheres, cylinders, cones, wires and surfaces. These geometry objects can be modified, rotated, viewed from a selected angle and in different views. You can print, export and import these objects to and from other CAD applications. The AutoCAD Windows version, version 2009, introduced the idea of dynamic blocks that can be dragged and dropped into the drawing area, allowing for the re-arrangement of screen elements.

In the 2D layout view of the AutoCAD drawing area, the design of the objects is displayed in the form of 2D wireframe models and wireframe-like lines that serve as the edges of the objects. The drawings can be exported as pictures in the graphic format Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) and in the vector format eXtensible Markup Language (XML). PDF is a file format that allows documents to be viewed onscreen and printed. XML is a markup language that is used in the design of documents to mark the way the document is organized and how the contents of the document should be formatted.

AutoCAD has evolved over time to support additional features, such as advanced text and line editing, cutting, pasting and importing

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When the 2018 release of AutoCAD was announced, there were said to be 38 different programming languages that could be used with AutoCAD.

Software development kits
All Autodesk software development kits are available for download free of charge. The source code for each SDK is also available on the Autodesk Developer Network. With the exception of the AutoCAD LT series, all Autodesk CAD software is supplied as a source code package.

AutoCAD LT (Desktop, Linux, macOS)
AutoCAD LT is a desktop application for home and small-to-medium business users. It is sold by Autodesk as the entry-level software for AutoCAD. It is the newest release of the Autodesk CAD line and is marketed as AutoCAD Software for the Masses.

AutoCAD LT offers a streamlined interface and a series of tutorials and prompts for novice users. It includes the ability to import and export DWF, DGN, DXF, PDF, PNG and SVG files.

AutoCAD LT’s command-line interface (CLI) and command-line scripting language are limited. Commands are listed in the Help command and cannot be customized.

AutoCAD LT also offers building objects on drawings and exporting to PDF.

AutoCAD LT is based on AutoCAD 2011 and is not backward-compatible.

The licensing of AutoCAD LT is tied to the use of AutoCAD.

AutoCAD LT is supported for non-commercial use on a wide range of desktop, tablet and mobile platforms.

AutoCAD LT mobile is available for Android and iOS. AutoCAD Mobile has been available since 2014.

AutoCAD LT mobile is part of the AutoCAD Community.

AutoCAD LT (Cloud)
AutoCAD LT Enterprise is an enterprise-level version of AutoCAD LT available on the subscription-based cloud service Autodesk Enterprise.
AutoCAD LT Advanced is a cloud-based, subscription-based version of AutoCAD LT.
AutoCAD LT Graphics (formerly Autodesk Web Design) was an extension of AutoCAD LT that allows the creation of web pages.

AutoCAD LT Enterprise is available in two versions: one for free and one for paid subscribers. Paid subscribers can install the software on their own systems and use it as needed, while free users are provided access to the software for one

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Open the Autocad Utility.

Type %uninstallautocadtools% on the command line.

Click OK.

How to use the uninstaller
Start your Autodesk Autocad and it will tell you if you have to uninstall it.
You can go to the Autocad Help-Autocad Uninstaller-Autocad Uninstaller
to see how to uninstall.

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Three new markup assistants are available for “Edit” tab: AutoSnap, Boolean Connect and Markup Assist.

These help users snap to features, connect regions or to both in order to create complex geometric shapes. (video: 3:30 min.)

Drawing & Drawing Tools

Paper Space: Drawing and Editing:

See your design in context with a new Paper Space option that applies to selected layers in your drawing. (video: 0:40 min.)

New paper space feature. (image)

Hover the paper space window to see annotations, the new Sticky Marks feature, and the current color of your drawing.


Improved Auto-Layout:

The layout settings bar now features a layout help window, where you can access the Layout Toolbox and reference online help and web tutorials. (video: 0:25 min.)

Automatic layout settings bar.

Sketch drawings are automatically laid out. (image)

Auto-layout is now available when you enable the “Sketch” drawing option.


Support for Drafting Toolboxes:

Get quick access to the most frequently used drafting tools with the new InfoCenter Drafting toolboxes. Easily toggle between toolboxes with the new side panel of the InfoCenter taskbar.

Enhancements to the Microsoft Edge Browser:

When browsing the web, Edge will now be more responsive to your touch and increase touch support and tablet support.

Applying a new design to an existing vector drawing.

Designer Preview Improvements:

Change the preview color of your drawings using an updated palette. (video: 0:42 min.)

Navigation and Folders


Global TOC:

Easily access the most frequently used pages by selecting the “TOC” option from the new “Layout” tab of the ribbon. (video: 1:00 min.)

All tabs now appear in the ribbon.

Global TOC.

Concept Drawings:

In AutoCAD 2023, you can now create drawings that reflect your business or project concepts. Create designs for a new concept drawing or save an existing concept drawing as a template for future work. (video: 1:15 min.)

Sketch (Sticky Marks)


System Requirements:

PCRE : GNU: GNU sed and GNU grep
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