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According to one 2013 study, a small group of people — well-to-do men and unmarried women — who are seeking casual sex experiences in a setting that matches their ideal of who is or is not cool, are frustrated when they find themselves near or with people who are not up to their standards. Casual sex in these settings can lead to feelings of loneliness or depression for the people who don’t fit in, which is especially the case if there’s an expectation that you’ll say and do things that will make others like you or want to be like you. Whether that’s being more outgoing at a party or wearing a different hairstyle, it can mean that you might feel hurt if someone doesn’t fit in, which can put a damper on your feel-good experience.
While you may be eager to sleep with a specific person, there is no guarantee that you’ll be able to do so, or that you’ll get what you’re after. Casual sex can be fun, even with a stranger you just met on an app. That said, casual encounters can lead to complicated, emotionally complicated relationships, and if that’s not what you want, you should run the other way as fast as you can.
While casual sex is happening everywhere these days, the idea that casual sex is the future is a misconception. We may not think so, but having casual sex is in fact quite old — during the 12th century, in Norway, the word for casual sex was ‘fiskele’ (‘loveth’), and was used in place of ‘elsk’, according to historian Tracy Cochran.
The day-to-day. The day-to-day is as complicated as we make it. Go to work in a dress that’s meant to be worn on casual Fridays and an enormous ring that’s absolutely not a man’s. Sit down at a table at a restaurant that is well known for its skirt-enshrouding chairs (and people-enshrouding skirt wraps). Wash it all down with a dirty martini. And yes, chances are, it’s going to be casual sex, at least until you go back in time.
How do you know you want to have sex with someone you just met?
All it takes is a look. A glance tells you whether you can risk a verbal commitment — and in fact, that’s often a pretty solid indicator of whether or not you actually want a commitment. “When meeting someone for the first time,
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But this is all part of the dirty secret of hookups: They’re not actually good for you. These small encounters are leaving millions feeling like shit in the long run. While it may be safer than having sex with one person at a time, having sex with more than one person — whether you do it formally (and eventually, if you’re not careful, legally) or not — still damages your “passport to love.”
From the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Stanton Peele, PhD, and former fellow researcher from the University of California, Los Angeles and Arizona State University, wrote in his book “Why Have Casual Sex? The Social Meaning of Sexual Liaisons Between Close Friends” that “the relationship patterns associated with casual sex are as damaging to the relationships of non-steady partners as they are to those of sex workers.”
Add to that the fact that there have been a lack of studies on casual sexual encounters, and they might be far less enjoyable than they seem. “We still don’t really know how casual sex affects people’s feelings and functioning,” Peele says. “Casual sex is often presented in popular culture as ‘wet Wednesday’ or a ‘quickie.’ And it’s very sexualized. But most people have no idea what it really feels like.”
Peele stresses the importance of two things in particular: that partners be emotionally honest and prepare for sex. What you think you want doesn’t always reflect what you’re really feeling — and that’s not always obvious. “If they’re going to have a clean, flu shot kind of sex,” Peele says, “they have to be willing to disclose whether they’re into pain and oral sex.”
But it’s not just emotional honesty that you’ll have to grapple with — how you talk about sex in the first place can change what happens afterward. The results of a 2014 study published in The Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy concluded that the majority of people have fantasies about casual sex — but also about safe sex, monogamy, and commitment.
So how should you word your dating app profile to attract the right person?
In a digital age defined by its availability, having sex in a different way hasn’t become much more or less normal, and that’s basically everyone’s problem. You, as a person who does desire more than casual sex — or who is not particularly into hookup apps — may feel left out. But the casual-sex app users may not want to give it up.
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