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If you’re interested in a sex only relationship — aka, hooking up — casual sex may be your best bet. It doesn’t have to feel forced, because the ideal of casual sex is that it really is casual. Check your messages and texts to make sure you want to, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be sex. But if that’s really what you’re after, it’s better to be clear about it early on than to fool yourself into thinking you’re doing a good job of being “casual.” Being serious about casual sex can be tricky because sex is an inherently serious business. Unless you’re having a condomless sex with a stranger from Tinder or Grindr, what you’re doing is a lot more than just banging, even if you’d like to pretend that it isn’t.
Hookup sites are a pretty obvious place to start. A quick search will bring up all of the most popular apps in the US: Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, and OkCupid. Other resources will include Craigslist Casual Encounters, which has fleshed out to become a sprawling community for all kinds of casual sex seekers, and long-winded porn sites like Xhamster and PornHub. Casual encounters on an adult website like these are still technically hookups; you can’t claim that you haven’t “casual sex” just because you’re talking to someone via a webcam.
But are the moral questions of casual sex, like whether you’ve really had a long-term relationship with a stranger and that you’re not just looking to hook up for the night, in the context of these apps, entirely moot? After all, the entire point of this section of the internet is to hook up, no matter what the circumstances are. So, no, if your goal is to meet up with an individual outside of a serious relationship, your options on these apps are — and this isn’t in any way a slight — slim to none. Casual encounters on an adult website like these are still technically hookups; you can’t claim that you haven’t “casual sex” just because you’re talking to someone via a webcam.
The apps basically work based on the principles of Tinder, the dating app that pioneered the swiping model. If you meet someone you “like,” you’re asked to chat; if you’re into the other person, you can set up a date to go out. If you’re not into it, you end the chat. At this point, the person(s
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“The feelings of isolation and rejection that inevitably come with letting other people know who you are and what you think are feelings that many people grow out of before adulthood, but are a common part of early romantic relationships,” Dr. Lisa Pearson, a psychologist and licensed sexologist, tells Bustle.
Put simply, if you think your partner is the one, you’re right. And that’s where it gets confusing: The end goal is to find love. So why take matters into your own hands? Some people are in the hookup game to get laid, and so removing that element allows you to focus on finding love in more pleasant — and familiar — ways.
Top casual sex apps on the market Want to bypass the sloppy “hold-hands/kiss-forever-then-just-go-to-bed” dating ritual of online dating? There are a variety of apps to help you get the piece of mind that your full, potentially serious, heart is open to everyone, but from quite a distance.

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If you’re like most guys in America, your current relationship may not be what it used to be. That doesn’t mean you need to give up on casual sex. You just have to know how to have a good time, without being sucked into a destructive cycle. Here’s some simple rules you can follow to avoid degrading encounters and avoid having casual sex

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