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The Rise of the Runelords is a Pathfinder Adventure Path where players take on the role of four heroes as they track the destruction wrought by evil on the lands of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.
Sandpoint is a sleepy coastal town where people live simple lives, minding their own business while rumors of an ancient evil storm their shores. But something is coming from the sea, and the town will be shaken by forces no one expected.
In the magic city of Xin-Shalast, the tome that holds the key to stopping the threat is trapped in a Library of Mabric, and the publisher of the Tome of Abnur, Sammael Soorson, is determined to break the Tome of Mabric into its thousand pieces and use them to put an end to the Book. But he needs the help of an old friend… the alchemist Maximilian Von Egan.
Down in the dungeons below Sandpoint, a terrible cult of serial killers is using a deal with the demon lord Asmodeus to drive a wedge between the Knights of the Chthon, and the Ministry of Inquisition. To stop the cult, the Ministry of Inquisition must employ the services of a young wizard, the legendary Marco and his trusty sidekick Harriet the Huntress.
With the entire city on alert, Marco and his party must hurry to stop a horde of orcs heading for Sandpoint, and then to explore the lost ruins of a goblinoid camp from the depths of the Plateau Mountains. This is the gateway to the ancient Thassilon and an army of stone giants marching towards Sandpoint. With their entry, the town is at the mercy of the forces unleashed by the Tome of Mabric.
More than just a place to live, Sandpoint is also the headquarters of the Knights of the Chthon, the most powerful religious order in all of Varisia. When the tome is delivered to the Chthon, the Knights think it heralds the end of days. Yet the encounter with the magical tome could have consequences even they could not have imagined…Q:

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Fantasy Grounds – Pathfinder RPG – Rise Of The Runelords Adventure Path Anniversary Edition (PFRPG) Features Key:

  • Fantasy Grounds brings together 2D and 3D. Create a beautiful large-scale fantasy scene using 2D elements. With the intuitive interface and easy-to-use functions the world of the Pathfinder RPG makes an accessible playground for your imagination.Create and place terrain by placing building models, adding other games on top of them and adding bridges, ramps or walkways. Your imagination is the limit in this type of play. From simple cartoony towers to majestic ruins you can be as creative as you like. Eventually save and share your masterpiece of fantasy world.
  • In each game you can either select the viewpoint or, using the camera mode, play from a bird’s-eye view for a 360-degree panorama. With easy to use editing functions you can rotate the camera at any angle. Rotate and shift the camera position to an optimal setting for any situation.
  • The game includes over 40 building models that you can choose from. For free there are archeological ruins, taverns, personal forts or elf homes, you name it. For the more theme-oriented players building kits feature rock climbs, artificial cliffs, tree houses or crazed-looking towers and are included in the Fantasy Grounds bundle. For those of you who wish to fly above the game, bridges and ramps are included as well.
  • Find yourself in a delve full of danger and adventure with the new Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path Anniversary Edition (PFRPG). Starting from the moment the player enters the game it is possible to campaign with the local hero characters: High King Vaul, Lady Velna and the brave fighters Lelloras, Megor and the dwarf-lady Burd.’s fate lies in the hands of the players. Get to know the different NPC characters by picking up quests and visiting their homes, taverns or meeting-places. Discover the secrets of the Moonstone and help stop Cyriss from taking over the world!
    Purchase the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path Anniversary Edition (PFRPG) to claim your reward of over 80 Adventure Paths as well as additional dice, terrain and buildings. These models will appear in their full 3D glory on your Fantasy Grounds scene. Simply add these models to your scene and start playing. No need to modify anything or wait.
  • With Fantasy Grounds you can always spend your time adventuring on


    Fantasy Grounds – Pathfinder RPG – Rise Of The Runelords Adventure Path Anniversary Edition (PFRPG) Crack +

    Fantasy Grounds is a complete virtual RPG system, simulation, and interactive adventure engine. Whether you want to give your players a big ol’ sandbox to explore or keep them in a dungeon and lock them out, Fantasy Grounds has a tool to let you do just that. Visit for more details.
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    Enhance your Fantasy Grounds experience with free add-on products such as character sheets, monster lists, encounter maps, the EverQuest Landmark Adventure Path, and the Chronograph Adventure Path. Visit for details.
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    Pathfinder Player Companion: Rise of the Runelords

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    Fantasy Grounds – Pathfinder RPG – Rise Of The Runelords Adventure Path Anniversary Edition (PFRPG) Crack + (LifeTime) Activation Code Free Download [Win/Mac] (April-2022)

    As the smoke from this ship’s exploding fuse cannons cleared, Stormsurge blinked in the glare of the late afternoon sunlight. He wasn’t in his usual berserker rage, but, by all that was holy, he was seething. He was not to be talked down to, nor told to get out of the battle before he had fought like a proper barbarian. “Get back on your horse and join the others,” he said through clenched teeth, his eyes glowing green. He needed his sword and he wanted to be a proper barbarian again.

    He gave Lightning Thunder his impulsive order and it was instantly obeyed. With a hiss and a whinny, the small, spiked-nosed horse turned and trotted into the front ranks. Following behind, Stormsurge cut his face tattoos with a deft motion of his hand, smoothing down his bushy hair into shape. It wasn’t that he disliked the monstrous horse; rather, Stormsurge had never gotten used to the constant refitting of his own armor. This sort of thing was just not done by the best Runelord in the Nine Hells. Yet, he had told Thunder the order and he expected the giant horse to obey him without question.

    It did not, of course. In fact, Stormsurge was finding it difficult to remain in his seat and not come charging into the action as well. The horse had a stubborn streak in him, that was for certain, and Stormsurge knew that this horse would not like him as a leader, at all. That said, he had the respect of his men and more than once they had seen Stormsurge ride in among the front ranks. Besides, it was all just a part of being a part of the greatest fighting force in the Nine Hells.

    But he would be damned if the squire would be so stupid as to pick a fight with a fifty-foot tall gnome on a sea-monster. Was that some sort of joke to the squire, who clearly knew nothing about the proper way to fight a creature like that?

    With the desperate hope of finding some additional clues as to where they could meet up with his allies, Stormsurge rushed to the monster’s back and gave his mount a sharp kick. “Go,” he yelled, voice trembling with barely held rage, “Go! Find my allies! I want to fight that damned gnome. I won’t ask you again!”

    The horse


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