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Lords of Derp is a real-time strategy game set in the universe of Inflatality. Roam the infinite worlds of Agonia discovering towering cities, sprawling deserts and treacherous caverns. Engage in epic singleplayer campaigns or battle with friends in the online multiplayer mode.

This game is available through the ongoing Early Access Program, which is available for all Steam users at no additional cost. Read our FAQ to find out more about Early Access and learn how to access it.
Pay what you want for the full game at any time after your first month of Early Access.
PLEASE NOTE: We have fully functional web version of the game. The full game is now available on our website:
Other options:
– You can get Steam keys for the game.
– You can save the game progress and take it with you between sessions.
– You can buy the game directly through Steam and receive the game free of charge.
– You can make an account on Steam, then follow our social media and download the game and it is also fully paid game.
– You can buy the game after release using your Facebook account
We are also considering a second campaign mode which will have different campaign missions and gameplay mechanics than the campaign mode that is present on our website.
About Us:
Team Inflatality includes professional game developers, veterans of the AAA development industry and veterans from the indie gaming scene.
Our team has been together for over six years. Our development team has years of experience in the industry producing a diverse range of games including resource management games, tower defence strategy games, tactical action games, open world action adventure games and edutainment games.
About Microsoft:
Lords of Derp is published on Steam by 100% Indie. 100% Indie is a member of the family, a global cloud services company that enables people to build and connect with more than one billion world-class brands in commerce, cloud computing, and enterprise applications. 100% Indie is based in Amsterdam, with offices worldwide. Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq “MSFT”) is a leading provider of software, services, and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.
Take a peek at what the Early Access team has been working on:
You can watch the development video here:

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Inflatality Features Key:

  • Learn real world inflation rate
  • Create your own SFM career path
  • Create your own Heroin Career Path


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Set in the far future, the realm of Cracked Inflatality With Keygen is a mysterious world overrun by the depraved Lords of Derp. Six Lords – each representing a deadly weapon – are preparing to battle for control of the world: one man can only hope to survive their encounters.
In the uninhabitable wastelands beneath the surface, the Warrior is the only hope for the humans. His purpose: to find the Lords of Derp, defeat them and use the power of the world’s light to destroy the darkness above.
The final fight may end in tragedy, but the Warrior’s legacy will ensure Inflatality’s survival…
Developer / Publisher : Inflatality
Published / Released : Nov. 27, 2013
Genre : Action, Strategy, Adventure

GSP Games – Top Mobile Gaming Apps of the Year

– Watch the video for a full explanation-
The GSP Team is proud to announce our top mobile gaming apps of the year!
GSP Editor-in-Chief Christian Rau interviewed us, to learn about our unique approach to creating award-winning mobile gaming apps and what the future holds for GSP Games and the GSP Games app portfolio.
As a special treat, Christian also included a surprise winner.
Mobile gaming app list in honor of our tenth anniversary:
1. Temple Run
By original developer: Imangi Studios.
Why we love it:
#1 top-grossing game of the year
#1 top-grossing mobile game of all time.
2. Temple Run 2
By original developer: Imangi Studios.
Why we love it:
#2 top-grossing game of the year
#2 top-grossing mobile game of all time.
3. Candy Crush Saga
By developer: King.
Why we love it:
#3 top-grossing game of the year
#5 top-grossing mobile game of all time.
4. Fruit Ninja
By developer: Halfbrick.
Why we love it:
#4 top-grossing game of the year
#4 top-grossing mobile game of all time.
5. Minecraft Pocket Edition
By developer: Mojang.
Why we love it:
#5 top-grossing game of the year


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Uncharted 2 had its fair share of odd glitches. Here are a few glitches that were spotted during its release.
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List of glitches:

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This is my very 1st Let’s Play, and I’m super stoked to get it out there. I’ve been a fan of the Uncharted Series for some time now, so I jumped at the chance of being able to take a crack at one of my favorite games ever.
I was fortunate enough to have played it early so you won’t see me going into spoiler territory to avoid ruining it for you. Let’s just say it’s a bloody good journey
As usual, thanks for watching and please feel free to leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

DON’T’ SWIM UNTIL YOUR LEGS! – The Legend of Zelda

Let’s Play The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (SNES)

Link Awakes! NEW Music from April 2012!

published: 13 Apr 2013

Link Awakening – SNES First Impressions

Since its debut on the SNES on May 24, 1996, the Legend of Zelda series has never shied away from introducing new ideas and mechanics. What began as


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In Denial: Demystifying John Hagee And The John Birch Society

Remembering my College Years: It was John Hagee who launched me into the world of Libertarian thought and introduced me to the idea that every single belief one holds is subject to one’s interests, one’s presuppositions, and one’s opportunities to learn. When someone put my old friends at Junge and Sabeen Mahmud on his YouTube channel, I was delighted to know that my own beloved JBS was as great of the internet as Karl Marx made it out to be. Both men’s videos are great ones.

I have been listening to the Christian Diorama for over a year now, and have never been driven away from hearing anything that I have not wanted to hear. From what I have heard, Andrew Walker and Lew Rockwell seem to be doing a fair amount of investigative reporting for the JBS. During my college years, one of my best friends, Adam Leffler, would quiz me on the inconsistencies in a rule or tradition I had been exposed to as it was being passed down to me, the precise nature of dogmatism. In my scant time exposed to it, I was never taught how to deal with people who disagreed with me, so I would raise him to ecstasy.

Until recently, the JBS was the uncontested king of the mountains as it existed in this country. Their teachings stemmed from an ideology which was so absurd as to be laughable; just listen to Bernie Spector’s lectures. Witness the following:

“Two isolated, unrelated groups, Caucasians and Jews, created the institution of today’s politico-church leadership class, thereby subverting and corrupting the very institutions they hold unto themselves.They have their vaccine protection civil service ‘enforcement’ corps fully subsidized with government monies; their small City Council orbitals lining their pockets; and their militia TMS Force™ characterized as a fine-ly-tuned, philanthropic neighborhood watch. In their hoity-toity opinion, a person is gunned down by police, while he exits his car after a minor traffic violation, because he is an Indio; while, more than a million other Americas are slaughtered daily at the hands of their country’s drug-dealing and morality-destroying El Jefe government. These El Jefe leaders are the true servants of the people, carrying our tax money around to where ever they choose it to be


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How To Install and Crack Inflatality:

  • Extract the zip file to any convenient location
  • Now you need to uninstall the existing game and all of its settings before you install the mod inflatality game. The guide below will help you get started with the required
    updates so that you can get the cheat codes and other features working later on while playing.
  • Make sure that your
    start up folder is empty before you start the installation of this mod. If the folder is missing or contains files, it would show up
    error messages when you do the installation. Do not attempt to open files if you have any files left in this folder.
  • Copy the folder again from the location where you have extracted this mod. Now extract the mod to this same folder that you
    copied earlier.
  • When all of the extracted files are ready, start the game and close the mod (it will be automatically closed when you exit the game).
  • Now start up the game again and you will be able to see that the cheat codes are working now. For easy
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    c#—Design time error—- “Unable to cast object of type ‘System.Exception’ to type ‘System.String’.”

    When pressing ENTER in my windows forms, I get the following error in debug mode:
    System.Exception: Unable to cast object of type ‘System.Exception’ to type ‘System.String’.
    Here is the line of code that is producing the error:
    TextReader r = new StreamReader(e.OpenBinaryReader(new MemoryStream(File.ReadAllBytes(e.Url.AbsolutePath))));

    Other function calls in this same class function just fine, it seems like the ENTER key is somehow triggering the casting error. I can’t seem to find any information on why


    System Requirements For Inflatality:

    Minimum System Requirements:
    OS: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K or AMD Phenom II X4 940 Processor
    Memory: 8 GB RAM
    Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 7850 2 GB or NVIDIA GTX 460 1 GB or better
    Hard Drive: 25 GB HD space
    Sound Card: Not required
    Additional Notes: Supports 3 displays
    Recommended System Requirements:
    OS: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP Processor: Intel Core i7-4770


    Additional Information

    Name Inflatality
    Publisher findae
    Format File
    Rating 4.77 / 5 ( 4135 votes )
    Update (9 days ago)


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