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• Another bounty hunter, another time-traveling quest

• The World Warrior races the Second World War like some dystopian sports game

• Its fast, brutal and furious

• 5 different classes each with their own gameplay styles

In Age of War you fight alongside a team of other bounty hunters in a massive, multi-player World War II battle, doing battle across classic locations and engaging in trench-based engagements. The game lets you experience the war in different ways: on foot in a first person shooter, with the wrench of a traditional third person shooter, or in an isometric battleship combat game with a control scheme reminiscent of DOS games.

Your job is to join a team of bounty hunters, each with their own class and fighting abilities, as they go on missions across history to save their teammates. Using the planning power of the AI, the game dynamically assigns missions to you and your allies and assigns them to the right classes, so you can experience the war in any way you want. In addition to that the game offers a training mode, where you can take a shot at capturing a target or destroying a building, and an arcade mode, where you can practice your shooting in a variety of locations in the two-dimensional U.K.

The game features five different classes, each with their own powerful combination of weapons and abilities. Each one represents one of the major conflict zones of World War II (e.g. Asia, Africa or Europe). Combine the weapons and abilities of the five classes to create your own, unique fighting style. Each class offers a set of skills that allow you to master particular aspects of the game, be it long-distance sniper, heavy machine gun or short-distance hand-to-hand combat.


– Break down the classic World War II locations of Europe, North Africa, and Asia into bite-sized tactical missions

– Three different modes: Campaign, Arcade, and Training

– Five different classes to choose from and a plethora of weapons to play with

– AI-controlled teammates that follow and assist you

– Featuring a variety of different and dynamic gameplay experiences, including:

– Up to 8-player online in Team Deathmatch

– Objectives that allow you to either strike out against your opponents or stay in the shadows and take them out when they walk into your crosshairs

– Game modes including Rescue, Search & Destroy and Capture the Flag


Last Inua Features Key:

  • With xspki file
  • The aspcaktime(s) function
  • Seperate 4 functions for server node
  • Works without 3rd party libraries
  • Secure
  • Fast
  • Anti-tamper
  • Visibility of server live game
  • Change UI color
  • Use Logo image.
  • Login with X-SPI enabled:

    1. wget >your
    2. With TACACS+ auth: >your &auth=username:password


    1. wget >your
    2. With TACACS+ auth: >your &auth=username:password

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    Last Inua Crack + [April-2022]

    Last Inua is a rhythm based shooter for iOS and Android. In the game, players must shoot and kill each enemy, but at the same time, avoid being hit.

    You have to shoot the enemies who are coming from behind you, while at the same time, be ready to dodge or blocks the enemy’s attacks from three sides.

    The enemies will constantly come from all sides of the screen to attack you, so you must be quick to dodge, block or shoot them. Last Inua features the original guitar by Tenori.

    Manual Aim:

    Last Inua features an aim system where you must aim your shot in a bird’s-eye view on your camera. Keep in mind that you must perform some actions before shooting to complete a combo.

    It is important to aim at the left side of your enemies, because it increases your score at the end of the game.

    The combo that you will get from a weapon will vary depending on the number of enemies you have killed and the amount of bullets you have used.


    Players must fight their way through a total of nine stages that have an increased difficulty.

    The easier versions of the enemies will provide a minimal challenge, but the hard ones will give players a near impossible time.


    Players must perform a unique choreography for each hit that must be completed before the enemy is successfully killed.

    Each choreography has a score that reflects the number of enemies killed, the number of bullets used, or the speed of the dance.

    Players will get a maximum score from each choreography, and the total number of scores will be represented by the game’s ending.


    Last Inua has a combination of hard game, but still requires players to learn a lot of new rules.

    It requires players to learn a unique aiming system as well as to have extreme reflexes.

    It is a 3D and hybrid game, in which players must shoot enemies coming from the sides of the screen.

    Players can also block the enemy’s attacks, but it is only effective on an enemy that is close to your position.

    Enemies will come with a slow walk pattern that the player must quickly dodge.

    It requires players to use the sticks to shoot the enemy and to dodge and block attacks.

    Players must also have an accurate shooting system.


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    Mission behind LastInua’s Story

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