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Welcome to Droop City! You are a dog and you’ve always dreamt of being the world’s most powerful pug.

Doorway to Puppydom is a unique adventure game where you have to earn your way to the top of the Food Chain. Run, attack, and eat your way up to the true boss dog. Run from the vicious pork dog, the evil monkey and eventually the most fearsome pug in all of Droop City – the chef pug.

No friends – no helper bots – no preset levels. You play as a lone puny pup. You have to find the golden keycard, run and hide from the monsters, jump and roll your way over the obstacles and try to survive till the end!

The goal of the game is simple – survive. The game requires dexterity, reflexes and the full use of all your skills. Do not forget to eat to have the strength and agility to beat your competitors. You have a limited amount of time to run and eat the food placed around Droop City. You have to find the golden keycard in order to unlock new levels and unlock new food.

Doorway to Puppydom features authentic pug animations, realistic music and sound effects.

Key Features:

Unique graphics for the platform

Fine-tuned controls

One-of-a-kind gameplay

Hand-crafted soundtrack

Adaptive difficulty

Optional real-time lag-free multiplayer

We are always working to add more content and updates. We hope that you will love Doorway to Puppydom as much as we do!

– First dog, first level! You are a puny pup and have to run through a great number of obstacles in your first attempt to the top! You have to control your speed and use the correct timing to avoid the obstacles on your way.

– Try to open the front door to be able to unlock the next levels!

– The obstacles will try to stop you, but don’t panic because they are not that serious. Remember that you are a pug, so you have a super high jumping capacity! It’s time to start destroying all the obstacles as fast as you can. But be careful, they are not that easy to defeat!

– The pork dog is standing behind the counter and you have to run from him and to escape from his jaws.

– You are


Features Key:

  • Chat, multiplayer
  • Co-operative story mode, shareable
  • Offline play
  • Player vs. AI
  • Custom tracks
  • A wide selection of simple and challenging quests
  • A wide selection of simplicity and complexity
  • 7 areas
  • Quality visuals and music
  • Experimental mechanics


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The very first game published by former $15 million per year PC gaming studio Mythic was a flawed title for a 2.5 year development cycle that ended up under-performing in sales and reviews. Never should a major publisher have funded an MMO based off of a game that could just as easily be described as Diablo 2-2.0 with half the polish and character creation options. However, the team at Mythic prevailed as they forged a successful first attempt at an MMO. With a focus on community interaction, path choices, and dungeons this was a darker and more interactive MMORPG experience. Mythic Ocean: Prologue Crack Keygen has been released and is now available for download via the iTunes Store.

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The game

General Controls

1/14: It’s Hard to Find Games on GOG these days, I love how the website is clean and easy to navigate. I like that new games and expansions are prominently displayed on the front page and they also have an even easier way to navigate the DLC. The best part about the platform is that the games are broken out by genre


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I have a total of 70 bucks invested in this game and been playing since it was first released in March. The game hasn’t changed that much since then and I can’t understand why people are giving it negative reviews. I think it’s really underwhelming as a strategy game compared to what it could be. In terms of a free-to-play mobile game, I think the strategy is OK. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to attack something I’m defending if I can dodge it. I understand that sometimes you have to attack. But the game is really erratic and it can’t be bothered to explain exactly what to do when!
If there was voice lines or some sort of tutorials explaining more about what to do and what not to do when. I think that would at least bridge the gap between a free-to-play game and a strategy game. I don’t think the game is completely to blame for its bad reviews. There’s plenty of people that don’t understand the concept.
Youtube is full of people making videos about their exploits on the game where they just spam their defender and can’t even defend a bloody boat! My first 3 missions are around 2 hours of tedious gameplay in total. I know other people think this is the best way to play the game and it might be what they really want from it. But this type of game is really suited for tablets and smartphones. Not a whole bunch of bushy Android devices. It’s not a Warcraft 3 where you can play for hours on end.
I give this game a 3 out of 10 for its flaws and want to encourage people to try it out for themselves if they really want to play some strategy game.

Move aside the other 34 comments because, unlike you, I have a job to do that requires skills far beyond the ability to curse out the tiny toy-like buttons that control, in the majority of cases, a decidedly bland game that’s hard to recommend to anyone.

I was initially interested in this game, but played it for less than 20 minutes before giving it up because it’s simply a terrible game. The tutorials are an excuse to shove a bunch of incomprehensible text at you. Where’s a tutorial that explains that you’ve actually got to rotate your attack or defensive ship in a certain direction? I expected a quality mobile game, but what I got was…a sub-par Facebook game that wasn’t


What’s new in Mythic Ocean: Prologue:

Volume 1

In 1948, while making sandcastle toys at home in rural California, Bob Larkey dreamed of a life-sized underwater city made from Lego set pieces. His dreams multiplied into a decade of hustling toy companies to manufacture his dream city, molding it from 40,000 minifigs and ten tons of plastic, and selling the finished product. Now, with the Dream City Project’s first leg completed, Larkey has turned his attention to the problems facing today’s explorers — a city that was never meant to exist, and a culture that will have to grow within it.

​But adventure is not always invited to dream cities. Like their residents, dream cities are often overlooked, sealed from their surroundings and uncomfortable inside their boxes. If Larkey’s vision is to become a reality, it will need to be pushed to flesh. Step-by-step, he turns to history, science, and art to build a hybrid of mechanical genius and romantic dreaming, a place that knows both the beauty and danger of the sea.

Part 1 of 2 (Note: on the following day The History of…), published by Dream, May 2014

Tides: Prologue Volume 1 eBook & Paperback

Tides: The Rise & Fall of the Sea by David Hamlyn (writer) & David Larkey (artist)

Graphic Novel about a young man and his relationship with the ocean.

David Larkey has spent his life imagining and creating his own world. Whether it be Lego cities, drawing magicians, or learning how to fly an airplane. In this, his first graphic novel, Larkey captures reality’s magnificence in a way that makes it easy to see and understand what he’s trying to say in the abstract.

We think of the ocean as a vast expanse, but really there is little that you can’t find within that space — and even more, within your own self. The coasts are places to dock, and for those who like it we have the Outer Lands to explore. There is a tether. How to untie that tether? And what is that tether to our real place in the world, and our own ultimate fate?

Graphic novel by David Larkey, published by Dream, May 2014

Beachcomber: City at Sea by David Larkey

​This “Future City” opens to the south with the San Francisco Bay and San Francisco


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System Requirements For Mythic Ocean: Prologue:

OS: WinXP (SP2)
CPU: 2.8GHz, 2G RAM
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