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Word Rescue is an educational game with vivid EGA/VGA graphics and support for the Adlib and Sound Blaster sound cards. Using the Duke Nukem graphical system, Word Rescue has state-of-the-art dual-screen scrolling graphics similar to what’s seen on the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis home gaming systems. Word Rescue also features a free instruction manual and an extensive help file.
The game’s strong educational features include:
A World of Words: Three unique multi-level adventures, with 330 words to rescue.
A Powerful Visual Game-Play System: Scrolling graphics like you’ve never seen before
An Easy-to-Use Word-Finder Interface: A virtually no-limits interface for easy navigation
A Comprehensive Learning System: Learn to read, spell, and learn the meanings of words
Built-in High Score and Help system
Built-in Sound Editor: Sound effects from the console’s integrated microphone can be recorded and altered
Ports and Technology Support: Analog Adlib/Sound Blaster interface (dual use)
About the Education program and game:
Educational software, designed for students of all ages, offering a simple way for you to study for a variety of subject areas.
An educational game that’s fun to play and designed for a range of players of all ages.
Computer language and spelling flash cards that help you learn English, Spanish, French, German, Greek, Latin, and more.
Teachers resource for the teacher, complete with study guides, lessons, and activities to help you get the most out of the program and the game.
Rescue the words you use, not in the dictionary, but in the entire language.
Learn how to read, spell, and learn the meanings of words, all in one place.
Word meanings are sorted by letter and word length to make it simple to identify the word you need.
A built-in dictionary with advanced search features, and a built-in thesaurus for spelling.
The game includes 30 “Word Wallpapers” and a built-in high score list for you to share with your friends.
A wide variety of save and restore options to save your progress.
Two-player mode available.
Word game concept is designed to promote vocabulary development, especially for children of preschool age.
Although the word game includes a series of “missions” where you must “rescue” words that have fallen from the walls and ceilings of the dungeon, you can choose whether you


Features Key:

  •  Dark blood 
  •  Character development 
  •  Dynamic graphics 
  •  Threatening words 
  •  Multiple words 
  •  Multiple paths 

Word Rescue

What’s new?

Regular updates to the game but we have a bunch of new features we worked on over the last month.
Features include:

  • New graphics, new word type, new female voice overs, improved graphics 
  •  Phone call recording and audio development 
  •  Tutorials and guide access 

Features coming soon:

  •  Comic Recovery and more

In game Tips and Tricks:

  • In game Tips Guide / Click here to open the guide


Word Rescue Crack + [Latest]

You’re up to no good in the Dark Ages when a daring quest takes you on an amazing journey through the world of words.
Adventures: Three multi-level word-rescuing adventures:
Christmas Cat Haven.
Haunted House.
Black Dragon Pirate Base.
And five more.
The Puzzle Core: Keywords, word groups and logic puzzles – all under the control of two screens!
High Score mode: Test your wits on the word-search, word search, and logic-solving skills. Use the built-in help system or the hints that come up automatically. See how you measure up against the top scorers!
Have an idea, email us with your suggestions and we’ll try to add them to the next version of Word Rescue.
Technical Support: If you think there’s a problem with the game, click the “support” link and select “Bug report” from the menu.
A Word To Your Mother: If you click on a “word” to learn a word, the feature works with the Father, too!
Word Search: Search for answers to word puzzles, word and logic challenges.
Free-Sounding Words: Print out additional lists of words to help you find obscure words.
Keywords: For every word in the game, there is a list of keywords to help you quickly find that word.
Learn To Read: Learn how to recognize and pronounce the words in Word Rescue – the first game of its kind!
Browse Categories: Browse the categories or search for words on the Internet.
Learn Word Definitions: Read the definitions for the words in Word Rescue and learn what each means.
Interactive Glossary: If you click on a word, you’ll get the definition of the word.
Cut The Rope: Use the built-in dictionary to look up words that have two meanings, and more!
And More: Read the various game tips and bug reports posted on our forums.
Developer: Word Rescue was built by two brothers, Sascha and Michael. We’re from Switzerland, in the snow and forests of the Alps.

A rather challenging word game, MaxiTest is from 1999 and already feels like ancient history. However, you’ll be welcomed by the many similar games since then, even if on a rather limited scale.
As usual, you’re given multiple choice questions that are to be answered quickly, but there’s quite a bit of text to read here. Text recognition options are available, but


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Word Rescue: Amazing word-hunting graphics for your PC, and FREE!
The fun new game Word Rescue has some amazing graphics and features that will keep you playing long after the one-time purchase is over. Play either as a girl or a boy and use the mouse to complete 10 unique levels on a word search world filled with hidden objects, hidden words, and a variety of obstacles. Play through each of the 10 levels, and then save and resume your progress at any time. Can you beat your own high score?
As you play, you’ll notice the light-hearted graphics, with funny characters and colorful environments. The exciting adventures will keep you jumping for joy!
– Screenshots, high-score list, and credits
– Three unique adventures with over 100 English words
– Amazing word-hunting graphics
– See at a glance the parts of a word
– Game and player comments
– Use the mouse or an Xbox 360 controller
– Windows XP compatible
Game Controls:
– Move the mouse cursor and click to select words, or use the controller button for a speedier experience
– Press the space bar to skip text and enhance the speed of the game
– To quit and save your progress, click the “X” in the lower left cornerPaul Voientin

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He has also worked with Hugh Masekela, Count Basie, Groove Holmes, Duke Ellington, Jimmy Woods, Gary Bartz, Roy Haynes, Art Pepper, and Esther Phillips. He is best known as a vocalist and guitarist in the 1970s.


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Paul Voientin Project (Pacific Jazz, 1974)
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With Ralph Bowen
Love and the One (SteepleChase, 1989)
With Groove Holmes
The Groove Holmes Quintet – More of What We Heard (Westside, 1977)
With Hugh Masekela


What’s new in Word Rescue:

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How To Crack Word Rescue:

  • Pay with Bitcoins

Word Rescue let you use advance search tools to explore the readable words.
You can also manually add new words to the dictionary, or grow your own personal
word vault.

To install & play the game:

  1. Download it.

Unzip it and run the install file:


  1. In the main menu you can select to play an offline game or online (with CoinCAT).
  2. You start by selecting a combination of filters
  3. Text filters: Search & find the first english word that matches
  4. Alphabetical Filters: Search for the first english word that matches letter by letter
  5. Gender & Size Filters: Search for the first english word that matches gender or size.
  6. Paragraph: You can optionally find the first english word that matches by the first english word(s) in a paragraph.
  7. Salts: You can optionally identify the sentence as one of the many words in the crypted dictionary.
  8. We need to gather some information from your library to use that in our filtering:
    • First we need to gather all the words that are saved in the crypted dictionary.


    System Requirements For Word Rescue:

    OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS X 10.6 or higher, or Linux with at least GTK 2.20
    Processor: Intel x86-compatible processor (x64-compatible versions available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X)
    Memory: 1 GB RAM (minimum)
    Graphics: OpenGL-capable 3D graphics hardware
    DirectX: Version 9.0
    Storage: 900 MB available space (optional)
    Other Requirements:
    Internet connection
    Broadband Internet connection or Internet service


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