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Experience our latest survival game, ‘Bermuda – Lost Survival’ on mobile. Deep beneath the sea, in the mysterious depths of the Bermuda Triangle, a cursed ship is sinking. Are you up to the challenge to survive and discover its secret?
Navigate the ocean, locate the shipwreck and gather supplies to keep yourself alive. Build oxygen purifiers to overcome the shortage of oxygen, craft and upgrade gear, fix engines and machinery, and craft and upgrade consumables to keep yourself well fed and healthy. You can also use a boat to travel in the sea.
Use the raft to visit points of interest. Craft and improve your raft to get further. Upgrade it with different features. Take you time to find the best features to craft the perfect raft for your needs.
Use different tools to gain experience. Craft and level up your tools, craft and upgrade consumables, and machinery to further progress.
Use fish to make smoke to craft torches and place torch wells. Extract resources from land and sea. Grow plants and trees on land to expand your production to survive. Fish is also a source of food.
Whale and shark are the predators of the ocean. Hunting for food will give you food and experience. Capture a whale and disassemble it to get raw materials and materials for the crafting. Get rid of your food to unlock a new cool feature, beastblaze.
Explore deep areas of the ocean. Search, explore, loot, and harvest resources of the ocean. Repair the shipwreck and go deeper into the ocean to explore and get additional resources.
Facing shortage of oxygen while traveling on the surface, it may be difficult to find your way back home. Find out the shortcut to nearby oxygen purifiers to get oxygen back faster.
Hidden features are to be discovered. Find out how to access them.
Look at the map to find out how to complete individual challenges. Unlock new challenges when you complete a task.
Discover hidden secrets in the game.
Adopt a different penguin to study its behavior. Each penguin has a particular ability. For example, some penguins sleep while others just stand still.
Visit the editor and invite your friends to play.
Deep beneath the ocean, in the mysterious depths of the Bermuda Triangle, a cursed ship is sinking. Are you up to the challenge to survive and discover its secret?
Travel the ocean on


Features Key:

  • All features available.
  • 40 new and original levels in Arcade Mode.
  • Graphics are well designed and very well detailed.
  • 6 different backgrounds.
  • Many weapons, the best collection out there.
  • Unlocked D-pad & thumbsticks.
  • Bombs for missions.
  • Oxygen masks for survival.
  • Lots of blood.
  • Special melee FX.
  • Robocop soundtrack.
  • Intense gameplay with nice atmosphere.

System Requirements

Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7

  • 512 MB RAM
  • 256 MB VRAM
  • DirectX 10.0.

Keyboard / Mouse

  • PC
  • Windows + X | Windows + Y
  • L = W | R = A

AC3 / AAC Audio

Yes, we support DTS and similar formats.


  • Intel Dual Core
  • 0.5 GHz
  • 2 GB RAM


Bermuda – Lost Survival Keygen Full Version Free

Prepare for the journey of your life and experience one of the world’s most mysterious regions! The Bermuda Triangle is notorious for the vanishing of countless ships and airplanes. Will you survive long enough to reveal its secret?
Sea, air and land: Dive into the dusky depths of the ocean, traverse a lush undersea world, explore the beaches or travel over land. Change and adapt to each environment’s changing conditions. You’ll need to learn to anticipate the environment’s biggest threats.
Navigate: Learn the waves and winds to sail, explore and hunt. Day and night are not the same! Observe all your surroundings carefully and learn how to approach the reef at night.
Adapt: Your boat, equipment, plants and supplies are your only constant; find the best for your survival needs.
Creativity: Build and trade materials, utensils, equipment and consumables to craft items for your survival needs and add to your collection. The more you collect, the more tools, equipment and consumables you get.
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published:22 Oct 2015


published:28 Mar 2015


Bermuda Triangle (The Bermuda Triangle) – Best evidence of Alien Presence?

(Bermuda Triangle Map)
We know that begins about the Mediterranean, in ancient times (18th century), and throughout the middle ages (fifth century until the end of the 15th century). In the meantime, local legends began to circulate about the relatively unknown area.
The first written record of the Bermuda Triangle appeared as a result of the German cartographer who lived in the middle ages. The German scholar David Rumelaus.
For the medieval mind, the part of the world where Jerusalem lays is the center of the world. And this was the first reference to the Bermuda Triangle in 1519.
The area was called the Serpent’s Triangle. When arguing about its name, with the nearby Bahamas Islands, with the reference of a local legend. The exact definition


Bermuda – Lost Survival Product Key

– Explore multiple Islands.
– Experience the thrill of exploring deep underwater and discovering mysterious wrecks.
– Discover the Bermuda Triangle, rich in mysteries and sunken treasures.
– Survive as long as possible!
– Fight for survival in the water and on land!
– Craft new equipment and upgrade your tools!
– Discover and explore a huge world!
– Get to know unique monsters, flora and fauna.
– Learn to survive on a boat and adventure in the depths!
– Many challenges, different perils and obstacles to overcome on this water adventure.

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Me, for intro camera, dog and fun


Aberdeen – Shopping Trip [2]

Aberdeen – Shopping Trip [2]

Aberdeen – Shopping Trip [2]

This is the 2nd episode of Aberdeen Series.
[2] Visit Aberdeen for shopping and enjoy the city of Aberdeen.
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14. Beer Factory
15. Round Tower
16. Sinclair’sCastle
17. Westfield Arcade.
18. George Inglis School
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21. Royal Exchange
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28. Industrial Heritage Centre


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