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Name Brass: Birmingham
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Put down your pen and pick up a shovel and dig a pit in the ground: This is the age of Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution is one of the greatest historical events of all time. From the earliest industries of the Middle Ages to the steam engine and the Industrial Revolution, industries have changed our lives forever. Almost 100 years after a railway revolutionized the world, the Industrial Revolution is now back in a bold sequel.

In the Industrial Revolution & Britannia (Brass: Birmingham Crack Mac), you will be placed back in time again. A game for 1 to 5 players, you will lead the companies of the Industrial Revolution. You are the head of one of 19 industries and the leader of 19 private companies. Your success, your competitors’ success, and your own progress as a player will be based on the progression of your company and the various industries you operate.

Take your position: You are no longer the director of your own company. You work for several people at the same time and try to earn as much money as you can. You must therefore play to succeed and keep your clients happy!

Steel yourself against the industrial storm: Long before the Industrial Revolution, the Industrialists, or “Birminghams” as the locals call them, played a game of their own for their fair city. In BRass: Birmingham, each of the 19 industries uses a unique cards/companies, from the more serious printers, tailors and glaziers to more playful artists, manufacturers and brewers. In BRass: Birmingham, each of the 19 industries uses a unique cards/companies, from the more serious printers, tailors and glaziers to more playful artists, manufacturers and brewers.

Brass: Birmingham is a game for 1 to 5 players. There are three eras to explore in BRass: Birmingham: the Canal Era, the Industrial Era and the Rail Era. Each of the eras has its own unique theme. They play differently, with certain cards becoming available and certain requirements to play them. Play one of the eras alone or play them both.

Brass: Birmingham is a colorful and intensive game. It contains a large number of cards and offers more than 700 unique possibilities for developing your company. Every decision has a consequence. Be careful: BRass: Birmingham will stimulate your head and challenge your nerves.


Use the chance to find out what happened and where the 19 industries ended up as a result of


Name Brass: Birmingham
Publisher manoval
Format File
Rating 4.82 / 5 ( 5933 votes )
Update (10 days ago)


Brass: Birmingham Features Key:

  • Capture the flag gameplay

  • Along with the Classic traditional sidekicks, Arcade mode, Survival and Co-operative gameplay, you’ve more single player mode; The all new Casual play.

  • Single player arenas with dynamic themes and varied player interface

  • Tons of guns, including modern weapons, grenades, Motion Sensors and more

  • A variety of weapons, including the Hammer Finger, Flame Thrower, Grenade Launchers, Tasers and more.

  • Play as the big kids in the Neon City!

  • Action replay that recovers camera settings, saves your game and more.

  • Take control with a massive Controller

  • Ability to use licensed weapons in unlicensed cities!

  • Challenge bots from other teams to a death match.

  • Local couch co-op gameplay

  • Online interaction over the Network.

  • Ability to share games with friends and co-workers through Xbox Live.

  • RPG: River City

    RPG: River City Game Key features:

    • A Sci-fi setting based on the West (not New Vegas)

    • A vast range of weapons with 2 firing modes; Single, Burst Mode and Smart Firearms.

    • Bonus Units with special abilities

    • Custom built equipment to enhance your gaming experience.

    • Four skill trees and five character advancement.

    • And more to come!


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    Steel, steam, iron and coal. This is the Industrial Revolution. Your task is to build the greatest empire by making the best use of your resources.

    The battles between old and new industries and between world powers is fought out during two distinct historical eras of the Industrial Revolution. The canal era and the rail era. In the canal era you had to come up with ideas to build railroads and canals in order to take control of a new market.

    In the rail era you had to think of even better ways to transport goods by rail, which was the much faster method than the canal.

    1) The factory system is now functioning perfectly. In the Factory area buildings pay for themselves.
    2) The new kind of mill which pays for itself and also pays for new coal mines.
    3) The new mines have also added to the successful balance sheet of the merchant of the team.
    4) The new mines, breweries and potteries pay for themselves.
    5) The new railways pay for themselves in spite of the fact that they have not been profitable during the game.
    6) The merchant has built the new textile mill because he wanted to.
    7) The improvement in technology has led to the construction of the textile mill.
    8) The textile mill which pays for itself and also pays for the breweries.
    9) The new ironworks pay for themselves.
    10) While the old Port of Birmingham has not been paid off. The new one is already paying for itself.
    11) The new ironworks and the new coal mine pay for themselves.
    12) The new railway and the new canal pay for themselves.
    13) Every building costs 10 capital. During the game the new coal mines and the mills have already paid for themselves.
    14) The new bank that has developed could be exploited.
    15) The team has been paying interest on the old bank.
    16) The team earned 4 new canal mills and 2 new railways.
    17) Although the old Port of Birmingham has not been paid off, the new Port of Birmingham will pay for itself in the future.
    18) The team now earns much more money than the other teams.
    19) The team now earns much more than the other teams.
    20) The team has decided to build a new railway.
    21) Every new railway costs 200 capital. The railway network has developed considerably.
    22) The new Port of Birmingham is already


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    Journey through time and take part in the Industrial Revolution. Expand your merchant town’s industry to develop the very best of goods in the game! Play the role of industrialists at the head of the greatest industry boom since the Industrial Revolution!

    The game of Brass was originally designed by Lawrence Pratt in 1987. During the late eighties, the original designer of the game, Lawrence Pratt, was asked to write a sequel to the game Brass. Pratt set about creating the game and the sequel, Brass: Birmingham, released in 1997. Just as in the original Brass, Brass: Birmingham is a simple game that brings back the fun and excitement of playing a game of pure luck and skill during the Industrial Revolution. Brash in the original game, the sequel is even more so with its emphasis on industrialisation. This isn’t a revolutionary game, but one that finds inspiration in the scientific and technological revolution of the 19th century. Whilst Brass was focussed on events in the Industrial Revolution from 18th century England, the sequel Brassic Birmingham focusses on the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century in England, Germany, and France, as well as America. The game itself has five periods (seven in the American version). The first of these is the Free State, the period in which the game is set in England. The period of American Industrialisation is period two, with its continuation and conclusion in the periods of American Civil War (period three), and finally the revival of the canal era (period four) of Britain’s Industrial Revolution. As with the original Brass, Brassic Birmingham utilises a’reputation’ system. You will start the game with 100 ‘credits’, and as you develop and supply your industry in a town, this will increase. Each industry is worth a certain amount of ‘credits’. Certain things will earn you ‘credits’ – the more you earn, the higher your reputation. Your reputation is how competitive you are, and with more ‘credits’ your town will attract more and more industries.

    Brassic Birmingham uses a different philosophy to the original Brass. Whilst the original Brass was focussed on the Industrial Revolution, the sequel is much more focussed on economic and scientific advancement and the prosperity that can follow. In Brassic Birmingham, you will begin with ‘credits’ and will need to earn more credits in each round of play. Each round, there are


    What’s new:

    Symphony Orchestra’s Joyce DiDonato with Robert Shaw

    Brass: Birmingham Symphony Orchestra’s Joyce DiDonato with Robert Shaw

    Birmingham Symphony Orchestra’s Ms. Joyce DiDonato and Mr. Robert Shaw in September, 2014, at Symphony Hall in Birmingham.

    Robert Shaw, City of Birmingham

    The brass trios and quartets of Birmingham, Alabama, currently underway, by the remarkable composers Robert Shaw and William Henry Allen, make compelling listening

    by Michael J. Gottfurcht

    The Robert Shaw Trio and Sextet, along with the William Henry Allen Couplet of Alabama are the latest collaborative works of our time. The Shaw-Allen trios were born just a few years ago, in 2008, the year the Shaw-Allen sextet was composed. And there are more composers in the latter group, and other collaborative compositions to look forward to. With strong additions in their shows, the Shaw-Allen trios and sextet staged their 2012 performances at the Billy Mitchell Recital Hall at the University of North Texas, and the Huntsman Center at the University of Utah.

    The trios both have a 10-year relationship with the orchestras of their own city (Shaw with the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, and Allen with the Huntsville Symphony Orchestra). As they say, cross-pollination on all levels is frequent for these two energetic and talented composers. In Shaw and his Birmingham ensemble, he says “All I can say is they are very, very good and I am very happy.” He adds: “The thing about these pieces is you might not understand it in one sitting, or ever. But you will know them after a few months.”

    So it is on with this story of three other trios being composed, performed and recorded by Birmingham Symphony Orchestra in 2015. These include the Shaw-Allen trios, the Greenbaum Trio, featuring Brian Hunt, the Shaw-Carlos Asensio ensembles, and the Shaw-Sergio Occhionero Trio. Although each of these trios has been composed and rehearsed over years, the results take on a fresh and exciting resonance.

    What is Special about the Shaw-Allen trios and sextet, along with the Shaw-Carlos Asensio and Shaw-Sergio Occhionero trios, written by the city’s own composed Robert Shaw, is


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    How To Crack Brass: Birmingham:

  • For the first time, start the game directy or open the file Brass_Setup.msi, in this file you have to choose version for you platform.

  • Downloaded.rar file and start Brass.rar extractor
    (click on folder and press on “Extract To here”…).

  • Done… you have to wait a little 😛

  • NOTE:

    The setup is only for Windows Xp.


    • Brass is an strategy game for Windows PC

    • This is the main screen and the map is here.

    Copyright (c) 2006-2015  Brass team

    Huge thanks to

    • Jhoraiah M. T for mapping the game!
    • Lina Solar for GUI 
    • Afa & M for increasing the game size
    • Tajamark’s Notes.
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