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I would like to know if the game is worth 15€ or if I could get a better deal.


It’s a fun game, and all of the levels are free. I myself have been playing it since the first week of release and I have been going through all the levels I could find.
I think it’s worth $15 and I’m sure I can get cheaper. Although if you really want to go cheaper, I would recommend mobile apps. Several have similar mechanics and are free on the internet.
In my opinion, a mobile app is just a little more convenient since you don’t need to keep restarting the game every time you want to play. If you have a smartphone with a bluetooth keyboard, you can buy a game called “Minutes”, which allows you to play through all 100 levels in one game and it has a free version.
If you’re on a desktop computer, this app is completely free too, but it’s got more levels:

Also, App Cave has another one called “Kira”, which also works on desktop and mobile, but it’s a lot more annoying since you have to pay $4.99 for the first version and then $2.99 for each additional version. It’s not available for iOS (the iPhone/iPad equivalent of Android), but they did release an Android version.

Also, if you have a smartphone, there’s an Android version of Dark Minute, but it’s not free.

Finally, you can get a $1 in-app purchase for a free version of the game, but it’s very limited (One level, and all the levels are free), so I wouldn’t recommend it.


The game is a pretty solid platformer (with some rather easy challenges) and the in-game clock is pretty accurate, if you play the levels a few times each, it’s pretty accurate.
However, some of the levels take more than 60 seconds to complete, so you have to plan ahead and break down the level into smaller parts.
Tackling these will require a fair bit of effort and skill, because they are very challenging.
If you’re looking


Features Key:

  • Fully rendered 3D graphics
  • An uncompromising VR experience built for both first-person and 3rd-person modes. Play through 3D realms as a virtual Kira, or walk around the game world as a 2D human — it’s up to you! The game’s many camera locations, gameplay options, and sound design improve your immersion and delight your senses.

    The game uses a clever non-linear narrative. It starts by telling a typical police detective procedural mystery story: you’re an agent of the L Division, going through a typical murder investigation. Then, we introduce Kira, an AI operator, through the game’s unique virtual-reality (VR) technology. As you join her on a mission, you begin to glimpse the future, the AI voiceover reveals. Meanwhile, the mystery only deepens.

    Unlock additional features to play in different situations: a photo mode lets you make your own screenshots, and a text mode lets you use a simplified in-game version of the dialogues from the game. You can also get lost in the worlds as the ghost of a guest star who plays a role in the story. Imagine a version of classic detective stories set in a futuristic cyberpunk universe.

    Click on the image to get to the game:

    Wed, 23 Jan 2014 17:49:39 EST 03 Nov 2013 22:20:42 EST


    DARK MINUTE: Kira’s Adventure [Win/Mac]

    A lone woman is seeking the answer to her questions. Explore the vast dungeons of over 100 large, dimly-lit levels, navigate through underwater mazes, and piece together the alternative history of humanity in this dark tale with beautiful retro pixel-art graphics.
    Explore over 100 large, dimly-lit levels, including dungeons and underwater mazes
    Find 3 energy cells to open the exit and make it to the end in 60 seconds, before the light goes out

    Trial and error?- wait what?

    If I keep getting a crashing problem after a couple of minutes of gameplay, is it likely that I will have to download another version of the game and re-install it on my device?


    If you get a crashing problem, your device will be reset to factory settings and your current games will be cleared.
    To avoid this issue, download the game directly from Google Play instead of through the App Store. This may solve your problem.


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    DARK MINUTE: Kira’s Adventure Crack License Key 2022 [New]

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    What’s new in DARK MINUTE: Kira’s Adventure:


      Kira sat in a corner of the Dungeon, surrounded by piles of crates and sacks of grain, looking as pale as one can possibly look.

      “How long have I been here?” Kira asked softly.

      The nearest goblins looked up with shock and horror upon seeing a scared face, though the rest of them only looked puzzled before resuming their previous activities.

      “Three days, m’lady,” one of the goblins volunteered. “It was in an air pocket in the middle, not in a proper dungeon; that’s why it’s so hard to reach, and that’s why you’re so weak.”

      “Three days. Fine. And where are we?” Kira looked around, genuinely amazed. Compared to the massive bulk of the Gith stones, they were a tiny outcrop of rock that didn’t look big enough to make much of a difference.

      “You’re in the Duchy of Lizran-Harawa,” the goblin told her, finally realising she couldn’t hear it.

      “Duchy?” Kira repeated. “In what context?”

      “We’re in a small safe-zone, the humans have raised the alarms and destroyed many Gith and Goblins that’re trying to get in. We almost got slaughtered, but there are a lot of places for the creatures to hide, and the only ones that aren’t killed were able to flee. We’re inside one of those caves.”

      “This is a safe-zone?”


      “What’s Lizran-Harawa?”

      The goblin looked as though it might try and kill her, but before it had a chance to do anything, Kira reached out with a violent grab and grabbed it by the front of its chest. The goblin kicked out one of its legs as it tried to hide behind the others.

      “Wait.” the goblin ordered. “No need to be aggressive; we’re trying to help you.”

      “What’s it called? This one,” Kira asked pointing to the goblin who was closest to her.

      “Goblin Lore.”

      “I can’t understand what you’re saying.”

      “I’m as human as you are, don’t be so alarmed.”

      “Am I dying?” Kira asked, feeling a little down.

      “We’re going to fix that, you just need to trust us.”

      “Why? And where are we?”


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