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DoVille VR is an original interactive documentary game where players solve puzzles to collect artifacts. Doing so will teach players about our exciting planet and also help to learn vocabulary words as well.
DoVille VR doesn’t follow the constraints of an traditional adventure game, with a linear plot that lets players explore a variety of environments to solve puzzles. You’ll be surrounded by a variety of creatures and objects, so you can explore and discover new things to find.
Because the game takes place in real locations, gamers can interact with objects and learn about the world around them. For example, you can examine dinosaur fossils, hear live drum beats, or gather data to identify a strange object.
In addition to learning, the DoVille VR story is also a mystery to unravel, with clues, characters, and object interactions that will compel you to keep playing. The game features eight hidden achievements and trophies to earn, as well as multiple ways to play with four different difficulty settings.
What’s New in Version 1.1.8
– Rearranged Tutorial Videos
– Fixed an issue where the menu would appear out of place when playing on a computer monitor
– Added gender and age filters to the News tab
– Added a new icon for Song Credits
– Improved the background of the Environment panorama
– Added details to the sticker vendor
– Improved the menu transition animation when pressing Back
– Added a voice clip for the “Collect Fossil” objective
– Fixed a bug where avatars were changing faces when chatting with other characters
– Fixed a bug where the Bosses and Central Characters would “activate” without having met them previously
– Implemented the ability to skip the character quest
– Added a new background image for the Info tab
– Improved the PSN Leaderboards.
– Fixed an issue where some people couldn’t see the game’s Leaderboards
– Improved the customization in the Create character screen
– Fixed the issue where players couldn’t grab items from the shelf if a permanent marker wasn’t applied
– Fixed an issue where players couldn’t repair rooms if the repair tool wasn’t selected
– Fixed the issue where NPCs wouldn’t interact if a permanent marker wasn’t applied

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  • Add new friends
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    If your brain was created from the titans of Earth’s seas and jungles, you would be an eel-like creature named DoVille! You use the EVL, the name given to your brain by Dr. Ventro, to help keep DoVille from sliding off a makeshift podium. Find out why humans have known about these small, insignificant creatures for so long! Join DoVille as he gets together with his friends from the Jungle and explores three unique episodes filled with puzzles, riddles, and more!
    Game Features
    – Travel deep into the jungle, through caves, and under water!
    – Reunite with your friends and take on new challenges!
    – Find over 100 interesting puzzles and riddles!
    – Enjoy 13 original mini-games for added excitement!
    – Available for Android and iOS devices!

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    3 Episodes now included! If you’re looking for an adventure, look no further than DoVille VR! This new game is perfect for anyone who wants to boost their hippocampus and have some fun at the same time. With three different episodes to choose from, you’re sure to find something that suits your fancy. Whether you want to sleuth-cation on Juniper Beach, rescue Bigfoot Mountain from destruction, or time travel to Dino Gulch with Hollywood Star and singer Tom Jackson, there’s something for everyone in DoVille VR. So what are you waiting for? Pick up a copy today!
    Game “DoVille” Gameplay:

    published: 02 Jul 2017

    DOVILLE: Episode 10

    To download this file click here: I have also created a book trailer for this episode:

    published: 24 Oct 2016

    DOVILLE: Episode 10

    To download this file click here: I


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