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Levi Chronicles is a single player game or multiplayer 3 player coop and the latest development is single player and 4 player coop! In Levi Chronicles you will use the skills of your team to survive a dangerous journey.
Only you and your friends have the skills to survive or not! Levi Chronicles has puzzles, Exploration, Puzzles, Puzzles!
You can start the story with your own group of 3 or 4, you can start with your friends and share the journey or you can play by yourself!
Levi Chronicles will expand to a 6 part Story over its development and will have a Multiplayer or Single-player. 6 part story, Chapters one through six, Puzzles, Exploration, Puzzles!
Levi Chronicles can be played by just you and 1 other person. (Possible In Late Development)
You will explore an abandoned alien world. The setting is the frozen Icy Mountains of Incoronto. Tons of secrets await you!
Levi Chronicles is a Single Player game, or 3 Player Coop Multiplayer.
Story. Puzzles, Exploration, Puzzles, Puzzles.
Levi Chronicles will expand into a 6 Part Story over its development.
Levi Chronicles can be played by just you and 1 other person.
Levi Chronicles is a Puzzle Adventure.
Levi Chronicles will have Multiplayer Support for Coop 3P, 4P, or Single Player.
Levi Chronicles can be played by just you and 1 other person. (Possible In Late Development)
A 3D World, Unity 5, C#
Supports Mac/Windows Platform.
Low-End 4x PC’s Supported
By the people for the people.
4.5/5 players.
Is it worth the download?
It’s worth the download to try out if you get anything but the laggiest computer!
Do I need a Mac/Windows PC?
Can I play with a Mac/Windows PC?
No. You will need a Mac/Windows PC to play the game!
Source code

Levi Chronicle on Steam!

Levi Chronicles on!

Chapter 1 is available NOW!


Levi Chronicles Features Key:

  • 5 Chapters
  • It’s a fun driving game with a Sci-Fi feel where you can buy and sell or scan objects
  • Extremely accurate physics engine
  • 3 environments
  • Vector graphics
  • Night mode
  • You can scan any object and unlock different parts of the level


Levi Chronicles Crack Activation Download [Updated]

Levi Chronicles Cracked Accounts is an action adventure story, an Indie-Style, Story, puzzle adventure game. Where you have to solve puzzles, discover mysteries and use your skills to go on a journey to save a friend. The best part of the game is that you can play it solo or you can play with your friends! Levi Chronicles is currently being developed for Windows, Linux and OSx.

I’m working on getting the first chapter ready for release. For those who would like to see the first version of the game and play around with it, You can download it at:
The game is currently Open Source!
The developers:
Andrew Humenko,
Robert Jackson,
David Quint and Ryan Murray
A video version of the story can be seen here:

The Game play will be explained in more detail as the development progresses.

Hi everyone,
just a quick message to say that I hope to have the first Chapter of Levi Chronicles out very soon. I am very much looking forward to share with you this game with all of you out there that enjoy puzzles and adventure games.

I have been working on the first chapter of Levi Chronicles for some time now.
Things are going pretty well, I have come up with a solution for the docking system, new puzzles to solve, a new adventure and so much more. There are still a few remaining content items but I am working on getting them done as quickly as I can.
Oh and I have a couple more friends that are working on the game with me, Aaron Stevens and Thomas Boenisch.
Aaron is doing all the GUI, animations and other graphics, Thomas is doing the music, sounds and coding for the programming.
I am also about to announce an exciting new development, Levi Chronicles will be going fully Open Source on launch. This means that everyone will be able to view the code, make changes, build their own versions etc. This also means that you will be able to build the game yourself and release it on your own website, Steam, Itch, Desura, whatever you like, Levi Chronicles will be yours to modify and build!
I hope to have it out in a few weeks!
It should be noted that I will not be making any more announcements until I am ready to show what


Levi Chronicles Full Version Free

Levi Chronicles is a story based Paddle-shooter that has been in development for more than a year. Currently Levi Chronicles is in very early Alpha.

I am looking for beta testers and also help with funding for Levi Chronicles. A guide on how to create characters will be coming to a future version of the game.

What can I say to a new game? Well I would say this game has an amazing premise. A 7 person team goes into the outdoors for a expedition. They find themselves in a modern day environment where they go on various quests to learn more about the ruins the team discovered. But wait! Everything takes a turn for the worse when a hurricane hits and Levi Coleman is forced to take shelter in the ship with his crew of explorers. For better or for worse, Levi takes you along for the journey.

When I first started to make this game, I really wanted the world to have a classic Nintendo feel. I wanted there to be a sense of exploration and discovery that kids might have experienced. Well I have done that. You are a new Explorer with your friends who are also looking for a friend. On your journey you have to overcome all sorts of obstacles and trial’s, and also collect artifacts to learn more about your destination.

The game has been in development for more than a year. The base game is more than 70% complete and now I am in the testing phase of development. I have been hard at work for the last few months getting the game ready for Beta testing.

Leviticus Chronicles is a full 4K 2.5D Paddle Shooter. The game has a story with multiple endings. One ending will be chosen depending on how the player completes the story. This can be done with 3,4, or 5 players. In the next update I will be adding in more maps, costumes, and weapons for the player to collect. I will be adding in mini games later in development as well.

In the first release you have the option to play the game as one of the original characters you meet in the story. Or you can play as one of the characters you find on your adventures. These characters will have their own quests that they will run.

Also included in the first version is a museum that you can view the artifacts you find along the way. Some artifacts are hidden in the levels so you can find these on your journey.

Leviticus Chronicles is more than just a game! It is a RPG/


What’s new:

: The Original 7/10

So on August 27th, I had my final talk with my middle class group at Cheshire Elementary School. I was happy to be invited back to speak again, and it was a good school in every other way. But, one of the reasons I wanted to be in attendance was to address the “stay” versus “go” debate.

*Update: For feedback on the feedback for the November 7th talk, read on.

The debate went something like this: every time there’s a word-of-mouth generation that gets beyond early adolescence and begins to ask fundamental question about ethics, social justice and the environment, there’s a “staying” choice and a “go” choice. The “staying” alternative may look like, in the end, being a coward who doubts their own ideals and beliefs. The “go” alternative may seem obvious. They don’t want to wait. They want to begin right now. In part, this is because, in our first years of life, it is so hard to actually ask questions.

I actually want to address a different issue, though. I believe that this debate might be based around complicating the lazy interpretation that “Thinkers and Rebels are the same, or simply the children who have had more schooling.”

The first is that it’s often not a flat division between the classes nor equal access to education for everyone. Those who are typically afforded more formal education have almost a third more resources: wealth, technology, security, more space, fewer teachers, more common non-academic activities, less peer pressure, and more time for play — to name a few.

However, it is a real division. And I think there’s a lot to be said for clarity in argument. I would have loved to have been in attendance at my school two years ago when one of my later-middle school group members went on the talk circuit. A great many students and parents were suprised and upset to find out that their child was a passionate consumer of the torrents of streaming media after years of being marginalized. Students living at their parents’ houses saw this as an important instance of their ability to contribute peer control to affecting change. The average teenager is not given the time or resources to think about their stance on the environment or the importance of consumer morals.


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    • Go back to the library, select Games menu and click Application details.
    • Go to the details tab of the game and unlock the profile by clicking Unlock Profile.
    • The Game Timestamps and Achievements are displayed now!



    System Requirements:

    The minimum requirements for this mod to run:
    Vive (Recommended)
    Steam (Recommended)
    DirectX 11 (Recommended)
    Reduce the quality setting to Medium (Recommended)
    1.1.2: Added more settings for the “High” quality setting (With some additional changes from an excellent idea from @darkness1486).
    This should now be what you should be aiming for. Unfortunately, changing the quality setting caused some errors, so if you see any pink text after loading a map and “Unable to


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