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Are you ready for some mad balls? Here it is, madballs in babo! a twisted mix of bubble gutta and bullet hell top-down shooters from Dreamcast and arcade classics. babo has an arcade feel and controls very similar to King of Fighters. the classic arcade controls of directional pads and buttons are present. Also the characters of babo come with their own special weapons to destroy enemy groups of balls. is the game finished yet?

The interface is very easy to use and you can quickly get used to its layouts. You are mainly using one and two button options to move around, attack with your special weapon or block incoming attacks. Most things can be done with one button, and those are circled in red on the screen.

A lot of information can be gathered from the right side of the screen. There you can check your personal stats, the amount of missed bullets, the remaining lives and the next level you need to progress. There is also the money meter that shows if you have made enough money to buy an upgrade to your character or a new weapon.

Levels & Gameplay:
The game is played on three different levels, each making use of their own enemies and weapons. In total there are 15 levels, two of them are unlockable by collecting red capsules, which are randomly placed on the level. There are also bonus levels towards the end of the game for extra points. All of the levels are well designed and provide a nice amount of challenge and strategy.

A lot of levels have their own features, that makes it more fun. In one level you have to collect all of the balls on the map, before going for the main target. In another level you have to destroy a group of balloons. During this level you have to shoot those balloons as long as they are not attached to the ground, making an explosion occur.

Most of the levels are mainly a tank battle, where you have to destroy groups of enemies. The special weapons and tactics you can use are diverse and in a way resemble King of Fighters level setups. Some fights require a critical hit to attack the target. Many other levels involve a series of attacks on enemies, making them easier to destroy or requiring coordinated team work.

The game is based on the classic arcade game Bubble Gutta. In this version the classic boomie ball has been combined with bullets, making for a unique game. In Bubble Gutta, a single bullet hits the ground and divides into three balls


Features Key:

  • First-person, one-man army game.
  • Command a tank, a rocket launcher, an army of madballs, a mad-lab tech guy and his bizarre gadgets.
  • Set the pace: short, long, medium, very short, very long.
  • Play on medium and faster versions or the long version of the game.
  • Additional time for coffee and toast, and more special abilities.
  • Loads of replay value: various situations, obstacles, madballs, rockets, and gadgets.
  • Various skins to make everyone happy.
  • International leader boards.
  • Different environments: urban, desert, modern, biohazardous wasteland, space.
  • Everything is still easily viewable in the end credits.


Madballs In Babo:Invasion

Madballs in Babo:Invasion for the PC is a first-person shooter game.


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Madballs In Babo:Invasion Download

It’s challenging and addictive, although it can frustrate
you as you struggle to catch a bouncing ball. If you’re
a fan of the videogame genres past, you’ll get a kick out
of this oddball addition to the genre and a nice light
shade of humor with a tongue-in-cheek cover art. A great
game for fans of the platformers, while it may lack some
of the innovation of later games in the genre, it’s an
absolutely blast to play, if you have the patience to
track the bouncing ball.

Babo: Invasion – Can You Catch The Ball? Review – Official Website|- Screening of Babo:Invasion Is Extended – Direct Link.
Arcade-Style Platforming Hasn’t Stayed The Same For Very Long.
Even in the gaming industry, there have been tons of innovations.
From amazing 3D creations like Soul Calibur III to game
flavors like first person shooters (this is a list I’m
making for an article in the near future) one would think
that there would be some sort of innovation in the 2D
platforming platform. And so it is for the classics. It
seems that what we all used to know as Mario-style games
are the roots of what was to come as 2D platformers or
at least my definition of what would be considered 2D
platformers. They still make them and I would argue that
Mario and other greats like Super Mario 64 were heavily
influenced by these early games. Even today there are
many games, such as Yoshi’s Island DS and many of the
older-style Mario games, that are still being made for
the older-style gaming systems. Of course, all of these
games look very different from one another, but each
retain the core characteristics. They are 2D games where
you, the player, have to move through the level in some
direction until you reach the exit and then find the
object you are tasked with finding. In this current
demographic, there are few more recent 2D games that
strike such a chord in the hearts of the gamers. The most
recent from what I know, is Babo:Invasion, which I am able
to give you a first look at after many months of waiting
for it to be released.

Babo:Invasion Has Great Graphics, But


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