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Features Key:


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*Setting up your router*:

Most probably you don’t need help setting up a router. But if you want to follow along please read this tutorial.

Server(Only in VIP):

Server will not be the fastest one in the world, but the best way to test the server is to have a server-client setup. A client connects to the server and sends and receives updates. We have created a brand new server for the café. This server is only for VIP clients to play on. If you want to play, please grab a caf and enter.


After a while of internal tests we are happy to introduce our new online game Melrose Café:

*New Discord*:

Melrose Caf Discord:

The Melrose Café Discord is a place where you can interact and help each other to play this game and also to talk about other things that come up.

All members of this discord will also be members of the caf.


Makerspace Caf is a space on the café where you can play with other makers to get things done. Come and play some games, build something new or get in touch with other makers!

For questions about the cafe and the makerspace, please read our FAQ in our thread in the discord.

Please make sure to disable your Ad-Blocker before connecting to the café

*Virtual Reality*:

In virtual reality you can run into one of our patrons. If you find them, please say hi and ask for directions to their office. We hope this means you won’t get lost for long!

*Discord Chat*:

Here we can keep in touch and chat about things related to the café and sometimes talk about some important updates to the café

Bugs and Problems:

If you have a problem or need help with any of the servers, please join us on our discord. There is also a support ticket.

The caf will be online in public in a few weeks. Please make sure to drop in and tell us about what you think of the café and the Discord.

Stabilization and Tanking:

The server will be down for 3 to 5 days after we launch the public server to stabilize the server. Make sure to tell the mod who manages the server that you are ready to play when the public server is ready.

The café server will be down until further


What’s new in Melrose Café:


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How To Crack Melrose Café:

System Requirements For Melrose Café:

Minimum Requirements:
-4 GHz processor
-64-bit operating system
Recommended Requirements:
-6 GHz processor
-256-bit operating system
For all Intellivision Amstrad CPC games:
-2.8 GHz processor
Any other information:
-Emulated games run at 60 Hz in PAL mode
-Graphics and audio are NTSC only×4-masters/ɩ秘書・姫神ノエル衣装コスプレセット3-free-download-updated/

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