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Name One Piece Burning Blood – Wanted Pack 2
Publisher darldarl
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Rating 4.71 / 5 ( 5521 votes )
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Burning Blood – Wanted is a third person action game with elements of platforming and RPG game mechanics. It offers a unique and refreshing gameplay experience that combines the best from videogames of the last decade and takes it to the next level, with something that no other game has done before: add the humour of anime and manga to play games!
The story kicks-off with the one and only Gild Tesoro, back as the clown of the past, aiming to destroy the village of the future with his bombs.
It soon becomes clear that the village is not the only target of Gild Tesoro’s madness, but also the player. With the help of Robin, Luffy, and the others, you must take on Gild Tesoro and unravel his many mysteries: why he wants to demolish the village, how he’s connected to the pirates that haunt the waters of the world, and most importantly, why is he planning to blow up the entire universe?
Use the different weapons, traps and special abilities at your disposal to defeat the clown and his minions. On the way to defeating Gild Tesoro, you will enjoy light and funny comic scenes, many references to popular characters and videogames, and even a cameo by our favourite pirate: Caesar Clown!
You are the hunter. You must play as the hunted. Now, are you up to the challenge?Primary menu

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Features Key:

  • Story Missions – for up to 6 Player Coop!
  • 18 Challenging missions
  • Ship Missions – For solo play or coop!
  • Compete for the best scores!
  • Action-packed gameplay!
  • Rainbow-sharded ships!
  • Seamlessly transition between solo play, coop and a Story mode!
  • Local WiFi Co-op play!
  • Strategy for the best scores!


One Piece Burning Blood – Wanted Pack 2 Crack + With Product Key

A new Wanted Pack has been released! As in the past, the new Wanted Packs give a glimpse at what is to come in the future, and in this occasion we focus on Gildo Tesoro, who is in town to collect the bounty that he is seeking to put on Donquixote Doflamingo’s head. Don’t miss him in this Wanted Pack as he is more powerful than ever!
Burning Blood’s world is changing and new characters enter the fray!
A new Wanted Pack is now available on Games of War Network and Steam (it’s a Steam free download game) featuring the fearsome Gildo Tesoro, an infamous pirate who has sworn revenge against Donquixote Doflamingo for imprisoning him.
Gildo Tesoro is a particularly dangerous enemy as he is capable of rapidly increasing his health and attacking with incredible power. What’s more, Gildo has been equipped with his own super weapon, the Thunderstone.
The Thunderstone can be acquired through earned items, players may want to consider acquiring it as soon as possible.
This Wanted Pack also introduces new costume and HUD themes that can be unlocked for a limited time.

This content uses Marvel Puzzle Quest’s Universe mode, which allows players to create their own stories set within the Marvel Multiverse. The full details of this mode will be released at a later date.

Exclusive one piece costume for Luffy, Luffy in his outfit from the new movie “One Piece GOLD”!
Equipped with his new Oki Factory Buster, when Luffy fires it in this outfit, Luffy will use the powered up version of the Oki Factory Buster to deliver a devastating counterattack.

This bundle gives a taste of the action players can expect in Burning Blood.

What’s more, the weapon that this Wanted Pack’s characters can use has been updated:
Seine’s Buster
From the new movie “One Piece GOLD”, the Buster is Luffy’s trusty gadget. Using the Buster function, players can use Luffy’s weapon.
After the weapon is used, the Buster will be automatically equipped on Luffy.

One Piece Burning Blood’s full version will be released on June 20th.

Wanted Pack 2 – Gildo Tesoro
Gildo Tesoro is a fearsome enemy who is bent on revenge.
As in the past, Wanted Packs on Games of War Network and


One Piece Burning Blood – Wanted Pack 2 Crack + With License Code

You took the role of Luffy, the Strawhats in the midst of a war against the Sanji’s crew.You will be confronted to new challenges, new enemies!This game is all about the big fight, it is like playing One Piece in real life!Gather your Pirate crew around you and show them that you are better!
In the year One Piece, Luffy will head towards the imperial city of New World!There is a war going on between the Pirate Alliance and Sanji’s crew and the poor citizens are terrified.Little do they know that evil faces are lurking just behind the war.They will not rest until they have assassinated the legendary One Piece Pirate King, the eponymous “Oroboro” of their era!This legendary Ship is the crown jewel of the Empire:It is one of the most powerful warships ever built, a true force of nature!In the high seas, the powerful voice of his captain, Captain Smoker, will prove to be a terrible foe…

Key Features:
This game can be played in two different modes, Easy Mode and Normal Mode. In Easy Mode, you will have to survive for a maximum of 15 missions, while in Normal Mode, you will have to survive for a maximum of 30 missions.
In Easy Mode, players will be able to gradually unlock the new characters of the Wanted Pack 2, while in Normal Mode, players will be able to unlock all the new playable characters of the Wanted Pack 2!I forgot how much I love all this Canadiana. This trip was my favourite, the trip before I started going to Nashville. The road to the lodge in Banff is one of my absolute favourite drives. It is like a mini-mountain pass. The wind is in your face, the clouds are in your face, the mountains are in your face. It is a beautiful, scenic drive and it is a nice change of pace from driving in the states. I love Banff.

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