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Name U-ena Character Songs
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This game is a short and light-hearted drama about the development of romance between two characters.
Yuena: A high-school student who is a little shy and quiet, but who is filled with admiration for the fireworks that surround her.
Shinonome: A dragon spirit who has lost all of her memories.
The story of the game is a love story between two people who share a single passionate moment of happiness.
Their meeting is the result of the composer of this game, Shikou Shujinjin’s, words.
To be honest, when I first read the concept of the game, I didn’t think very much of it. But then, when I read the whole story, I was surprised by the deep, intense emotions that it brought up. One day, Yuena goes to visit a friend who does fireworks, and she ends up meeting Shinonome.
Little by little, as their lives become intertwined, they each learn to know the other. And with that, they have a single, passionate moment of happiness at the end of their lives.
As I said, it’s a short story, and it’s a pretty simple concept that it can be said in a single line…
…Well, in order to convey this message, I wrote many songs and added them to the album. Thank you for your continued support.
Please enjoy the album!
+ Songs
Aruru Gyoukou (Aruru Gyoukou)
Ai no Imouto (My Little Sister)
Hakai Wa Mama no Manaria? (I Want to Ask Where Daddy Is)
Miimou Yumemishi (The Little Old One)
Namida Ai wo Aisu (I Cry Over You)
Kyoushagu (The Holy One)
Aru Kimi no Mune, Aru Wakadaisu (The Tears in My Eyes, The Pleasure in My Heart)
Tora Hiizume no Kanata no Sasou (I Don’t Know Why I Became Rattled by the Tenderness of a Beast)
Zettai Zetsudo (The Game of Love)
Kokoro no Hi (My Heart)
Shinku Wadai (I’m Afraid)
Kanae (Nearby)
Hate no Sagu (The Hands of Love)
Oden no Dens


Features Key:

  • 30 distinctive and charming songs in the game
  • Music tracks are added to the game periodically
  • Optional options are available to change the quality of the music
  • Each song is an original composition by game creators
  • The character kotobuki feels and plays in real time


U-ena Character Songs Crack For Windows

U-ena: Girl of Distant Fireworks is a rhythm action game where players control a young woman U-ena’s life in a city with fireworks.
The different styles of rhythm game songs contain different heroes, such as “Arashi wo Oushina no U-ena” (I’ll go to U-ena’s World), which goes back to the U-4 days long ago, and “Fireworks Memories,” where the heroine is the first to play a fireworks game and a world where fireworks can be the main character.
Both will become story characters once you complete the game.
U-ena is a girl who dreams of traveling to distant worlds and playing games. One day, she is given a magic power that allows her to transform into “U-ena Neji – Girl Hero of Distant Fireworks.”
She forms a party of Daughters of Hope (U-14) to go out into the world and become part of the story.
• Very RPG elements.
• Full of adventure.
• Characters that express their thoughts in songs.
• Optional FMV scenes.
• Story mode with a vast amount of content.
• There are more than 20 heroines.
An RPG about the U-ena family, on the road to the dreams of the U-ena siblings.
U-ena Neji will play a key role in saving that world.
— Characters —
* Yuena: The heroine
* Byakuya: The leader of the party
* Ruri: Yuena’s childhood friend
* U-4: A distant ancestor of the U-ena family who is the mother of U-ena Neji
* Kureto: A mysterious young man who will appear
* Seiya: A member of the U-ena family who has been nominated as a DP member
* Shinonome: A middle school student who is Yuena’s little sister
* Rinji: A teacher at an academy where U-ena joins the party
* Yui: The leader of the U-15
* Kousaka: The leader of the U-15
* Reika: Yuena’s mother
* Riri: The youngest sister of the U-ena family
* Fan: One of the U-15
* Nozomi: A girl who seems to know a lot about the U-ena family
* Tsuyoshi: A friend of Yuena and the leader of the U-


U-ena Character Songs Full Version [Latest]

Show spoiler

Thanks to GNY for the introduction.
This character song album is a complete character songs collection of Yuena, Shinonome, and Kitaosuke, and focuses on the characters’ personalities and traits.The story of the characters ‘U-ena’ is being told.


– Yuena
– Shinonome
– Kitaosuke

Yuena is a girl who loves fireworks. She says things that are startling, but she is a kind girl who always thinks of other people’s happiness. She feels sorry for others because she acts so shy and doesn’t do anything, but if you take a closer look, she is actually getting more bold as her love for fireworks increases.

Location: Tokyo Area

Shinonome is a gentle girl who holds a high sense of duty to her friends and her country. If she finds someone who is in pain or in danger, she will be the first to speak of it, even if it’s something that could be harmful to her if she tells it to others.

Location: Tokyo Area

Kitaosuke is a boy who wants to do something big in his life, to be a successful businessman. He is passionate and energetic, but he is very anxious and pessimistic, and if someone disagrees with him, he starts an argument, even if the other person is completely right.

Location: Nara Area

We recently added the “U-ena Character Song” gameplay videos and screenshots, and the first one is for this album!(Screenshot for the album will be uploaded later on, so please check it out.)This video focuses on the character’s personalities in “U-ena”. First, Yuena.If you ever have doubts about something said by Yuena, this video will help clear those doubts. In the future, it will be in the first place to check, so please pay attention and you can clear your doubts!
First, it is the story of the two girls when they were in the middle school.The “U-ena” backstory that we were able to record to this point also focuses on how the two girls were connected during their middle school years.The stories are divided between the two girls’ pasts and futures, so there is a lot to look forward to for those who are interested in the story.You can check it out in the


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