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How do I make a list of the last n rows that have been added to the database?

For example, if I have 200 rows in my database and need to fetch the latest 200 rows, how can I write a query that does that for me?


This will get you the last 200 rows added to the database (in the current time slot):
SELECT * FROM database.table ORDER BY last_insert_id DESC LIMIT 200;

If you want to fetch the last n rows, that is simple too:
SELECT * FROM database.table ORDER BY last_insert_id DESC LIMIT n;

If you want to fetch all the newest rows, you can use as multiple ordered sub-queries:
SELECT * FROM database.table
WHERE last_insert_id > (SELECT max(last_insert_id) FROM database.table);

Or, since postgres allows correlated sub-queries, that is simple too:
SELECT * FROM database.table
ORDER BY last_insert_id DESC
LIMIT (SELECT max(last_insert_id) FROM database.table);

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The incident happened shortly after 10:45 p.m. in the 500 block of Westgate Place.

Officers were attempting to stop a black BMW for speeding when the man, later identified as Daniel Smith, 44, of Charlotte, fled the car.

Witnesses told police that Smith ran into the backyard of a home and started stabbing a small dog that was in the yard.

One witness said he saw Smith

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