Kortney Kane-The Squirt Instructor

Kortney Kane-The Squirt Instructor


Kortney Kane-The Squirt Instructor

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Modifying state of elements inside a list (of lists)

I’m new to programming, and I’m currently stuck in a problem. Here it is:
I have a list of lists (which is actually a matrix) that represents a chessboard. I want to keep track of how many times each side was checked and moved (i.e. how many times the squares on each row and column were checked). Since I can only modify the matrix that represents the chessboard, the only solution I can come up with is to create a two dimensional list of lists and just modify each inner list (the matrix), but it is very important that each inner list is modified by itself (remember that it is a matrix).
I have accomplished doing something like this with nested for loops, but I can’t help but feel that is not the best solution.
So, how can I create such list? I was thinking about dictionaries with lists inside, but since I’m new to programming I can’t figure it out. Here is the code I have so far:
board = [[0 for i in range(8)] for j in range(8)]
boards = [[0 for i in range(8)] for j in range(8)]
print(“The chessboard: ” + str(board))
print(“The boards: ” + str(boards))

turnCount = 0

for row in board:
rowCount = 0
for col in row:
colCount = 0
for site in col:
if board[site] == 1:

Kortney Kane. kortney kane the squirt instructor.

outdoor stairs and stair landing set. A step up that is twice as large as the wall. The stairway has a twist to the stairs and the landing is going on the right side.

The stairs have heavy bases and with a heavy chipping of the landing on the right side. The beginning of the steps are smooth with a groove and the top has been cut with a slab of stone.

The doorways are in the back right corner with a simple mortise lock and has a wooden door. The right door is slightly wider than the left door.

The staircase at the top is only 8 ft high. It’s width at the bottom is 2 ft 3 inches at the top 2 ft at the base, and the land is 6 ft at the base.

The stairs are oak and the footing is oak. The walls on the stairs are smooth with some light wall scaping and no other wall details.

There are masons marks on the stairs of an H and a cross. The corner of the walls on the stairs are ivy covered and have some flat trees that are growing out of the wall. The stone dust on the stair steps is a weathered beige.

The second story is open on both sides of the building, and the walls here are in pretty good shape. There is a large window at the middle of the wall here and at the top where the stairs are.

There is a brick wall here that has some wall scaping around the doorway and has a symbol of a circle in the middle. There is a lot of iron work on the wall here and at the doorway that has no central theme.

The stair leading to the second story is stone with a dark brown varnish on the stairs and has a simple tile that is sloped out of the wall.

The second story has a lot of older and a lot of modern additions. The stairs that are up on the second level are original to the house.

The three new light fixtures added to the second floor are the only non-original fixtures and were added between the years of 1960 and 1970. There is a large window on the west wall and a skylight on the ceiling above this window.

There is a large double bed, dresser, shelving, a chandelier, and a mirror with a stylized look on the walls of the room. The carpet

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