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The game will run on the next-gen consoles as well, but they will be available for sale only.. Raven Software has sent PC owners a free “Hunters Edition” of its.
The Pirate Captain DLC has been released and includes new weapons, outfits, and cosmetics for the game’s 40 playable characters. A name change for .
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is an action-strategy video game developed by Fatshark, a studio that is known for developing the games Bad Company and Black.Q:

Issue with or, and, and &&, and || operators in Lua

While I have been using Lua for a week now, I’m just now starting to learn it. I have been trying to learn the language by following tutorials and I have some trouble understanding why I am not getting the answer to what I am trying to learn. Specifically with and, or, and and, and if statements. And I can’t seem to find any example online to explain what is going on. Below is the code that I made to try and explain what I am doing and what I am trying to learn.
My issue is what it does with the || and && operators in here. It seems that it returns the output of whichever statement is on the left of the operator. If I have this output:
print (test:match “foo”, “foobar” )
print (test:match “foo”, “foooobar” )

it will print out foo, but if I have:
print (test:match “foo”, “foooobar” || “barbar”)

it will print out foooobar, but I was expecting it to print out barbar. I am not getting it. Is there a simple explanation as to why this is the case? Thanks for any help!
print (test:match “foo”, “foobar” )
print (test:match “foo”, “foooobar” )

if test:match(“foo”, “bar”) then
elseif test:match(“foo”, “foobar”) then
elseif test:match(“foo”, “foooobar”) then
print(“EVERYTHING ELSE!!!!!”)


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