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That is the reason why there are no update on May 2009. When we check the mirroring process, we see that the mirroring servers are starting again. Once the servers are up to date, the queue grows even larger.

The Netflix folks seem to have figure this out. 😀

Admittedly, we’ve all been on Netflix for the past months, watching many older shows at one time, before the streaming started. So at that time we said, “Oh, the servers are not that great. We’ll be back later.” But those were mostly 1-2-3 month old episodes.

Now that it’s actually live streaming and the servers are under heavy stress, we’re seeing Netflix releases any older shows that are rarely being watched. In my household, there have been 2-3 episodes released per week. With last week’s 2.

Facebook, FaceMash and our challenge thread? Seems like the start of it all.

I am a long-term member of the social media world. In 2005, I was on Yahoo! Message Boards, and eventually became a panelist and eventually quit. Then I started a group (with four friends) on Facebook and we had some fun times there.

Then in 2007, I started doing some Google+ groups and that became a pain because I had to do it in two places. But I ended up doing it because Facebook is a part of my life, and I needed that. I dabbled with FriendFeed, and then Google+ became a better platform for me. I don’t like what they did there to Facebook. A huge step backwards.

I also had a blog, and I dabbled with FriendFeed there as well. Finally, I have a Twitter account. I’ve always been active there, but never any huge volume.

Back in the day, message boards were a lot of fun for me. So much so that I also dabbled with LiveJournal (I’ve been a member for over a year now, but I don’t do much here anymore).

I’ll be turning 40 in just over a week. Sure, I’m not mainstream or anything. But I’m not a hippie or anything either. I’ve just moved into my 40th decade.

I don’t have a Facebook, Google+, or Twitter account. I’ll be changing that. I use a Google calendar to keep

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