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What are the limits and restrictions of large batteries in a laptop?

I am asking because I have a laptop which has two large batteries built into the machine. Most of the time, I can use it like an ordinary laptop, only switching the two batteries off if I forget to.
However, when I try to do heavy work for example writing about 20,000 words on the manuscript I am working on, I can use only one battery. It is going from dead to fully charged in about 20 minutes. When I have finished work, it takes me at least 40 minutes to empty both batteries completely as they can’t take rapid discharge.
What are the limits of these batteries, what are the ideal number and size of batteries for a laptop like this and does it mean that I can’t use the normal charge time to fully charge both batteries? The batteries are close to their end of life.


There is nothing’special’ about a large battery vs. a small one in a laptop.
For laptop battery safety precautions, see:

For example, you can see that 16A is the max discharge rate for this battery, even if it has a much higher nominal capacity. Also that the battery has thermal cut off protection.

You can clearly see that to prevent unsafe heat build up,

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sds get_ticks_sec(void) {
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