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Rackspace server VM logs to Hadoop

Can I capture Rackspace server VM server logs in a manner like we do with Apache server logs to Hadoop?


Hadoop Log File Retention
I believe you are confusing Hadoop configuration with the Hadoop Log Files.
Hadoop Log Files
Hadoop does not currently have a notion of a server’s log files. You are simply expected to use a file name that is capable of containing the logs from your servers on a file by file basis.
There is no magical Hadoop repository of all servers logs. The only thing the job of the Hadoop JobTracker is to collect what it gathers so that it can take the information and figure out the best way to deliver it to the Namenode.
If you have the ability to configure your servers logs so that they are written to a file by server, then the Namenode and the Secondary Namenode can store all the information in their local FS.
Hadoop Configuration
The Hadoop configuration consists of two parts, the NameNode and the Secondary NameNode. The Secondary NameNode is responsible for the second copy of the Hadoop file system. The purpose of the Secondary NameNode is to provide a mirror for the Namenode. For example, if the Namenode gets corrupted and needs to be rebuilt from scratch, you could simply update the Secondary NameNode and then attempt to submit your tasks to the Secondary NameNode, rather than waiting for the Namenode to come back up and rebuilt itself.
The Hadoop configuration also includes Hadoop’s sub-systems that manage the distribution of data, like the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and its counterpart, the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) Common (Hadoop-fs)
NameNode Snapshot
If you are interested in the snapshot of the configuration as well as the HDFS Data itself, you can set the hadoop.tmp.dir setting to be a location that is writable by the JobTracker process. When this configuration is made, the JobTracker will periodically dump the NameNode’s directory out to disk. An example of this configuration can be found in the Hadoop documentation here. The download here contains a complete

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