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Telecharger Midnight Club 3 Pc Gratuit Sur 01net

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Combining the (not so clear) contents of two tables using php and mysql

I’m stuck, really stuck. I really need some help and guidance with this as I’m trying for days now and still can’t get it to work. I would appreciate any suggestion, clue or comment!
If I have the following tables in my database:
table ‘nodes’
id n1 n2 n3 n4 n5 n6 n7

table ‘links’
id l1 l2

I can collect and print out the two tables as such:
$id = $node[id];
$links = $node->getLinks();

foreach($links as $l => $lt){
$id = $l;
$links = $node->getLinks();
foreach($links as $l => $lt){
echo ‘url.’>’;
echo $lt->name.”;

And then I can have it print the corresponding text inside the ‘links’ table, as it’s a one-to-many relationship, between the two tables. But what I really need is to have the ‘links’ table print out the text of the nodes that are combined into a single node (i.e. It will still have the same number of columns as the ‘links’ table, but will still have only a single row). I also need to be able to select whichever node I want from the ‘links’ table (using the ‘id’) and then print its corresponding data in the ‘nodes’ table.


If I’m understanding correctly you want to output node data like this,
[1] –> [1] –> [1]
[2] –> [2]

instead of

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