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Are you ready to Build a better world? In Roblox, creative players can become architects, engineers, scientists, artists, creators, and imagineers. Play games, build awesome things, and have a lot of fun along the way!
Roblox is constantly evolving. New games and experiences are being added all the time. What you play today will be outdated next week. Keep exploring and enjoy the amazing virtual world of Roblox.

Welcome to the Roblox Video Game Development Live Stream. This is where we will be uploading every week and showing you our process and everything we’re learning as we go. We’re only doing this for our YouTube and Twitch channel subscribers!
Steps to Build A Roblox Game | Build a Roblox Game Part 1 – Introduction
Steps to Build A Roblox Game | Build a Roblox Game Part 2 – Building the Base of the Game
Steps to Build A Roblox Game | Build a Roblox Game Part 3 – Characters and Animations
Steps to Build A Roblox Game | Build a Roblox Game Part 4 – Connecting the Game to the Server
Steps to Build A Roblox Game | Build a Roblox Game Part 5 – Adding in Sections to the Game
Steps to Build A Roblox Game | Build a Roblox Game Part 6 – Include Items in the Game
Steps to Build A Roblox Game | Build a Roblox Game Part 7 – Adding Custom Scripts to the Game
Steps to Build A Roblox Game | Build a Roblox Game Part 8 – Add a Boss Fight
Steps to Build A Roblox Game | Build a Roblox Game Part 9 – When to Add Enemies
Steps to Build A Roblox Game | Build


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