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Should you use the Magikarp Rollercoaster?
In this video, we will create a roller coaster called the Magikarp Rollercoaster.
A roller coaster is a theme park ride that involves going up and down hills.
In this case, the theme of the rollercoaster is catching Magikarp.
A Magikarp is a weak fish that can only be evolved into a Gyarados.
Most kids love the game Pokémon and most people know that Magikarp isn’t a fish.
You probably think that this would be a great way to attract kids to build a rollercoaster.
You’d be right.
So we are going to build a roller coaster called the Magikarp Rollercoaster.
We want to start off with some geometry, so we can start to build our roller coaster.
First, we are going to create a circular track.
Circular tracks don’t look cool on an actual rollercoaster.
They work, but I don’t know about you, but I think they would look pretty cool in a video game.
But if you ever get a chance to go on an actual rollercoaster and someone asks you why it looks like you’re on a toboggan that is flying down a hill, you can tell them that it is a circular track.
We are going to model our circular track.
So, on our side view, we are going to go in and we want to go in and set our radius to 1.
Now we are going to go in, and we are going to select the rectangle tool, and now we are going to double click it to go to edit mode.
And then we are going to hold the Shift key and select the circle tool.
We’re going to click and drag to draw a circle.
I’m sure that you’ve seen geometry tools before.
Just a few years ago, this wouldn’t have been possible, but now you can draw circles, rectangles, triangles, and so on.
So now we have a circle and then we’re going to select the circle tool and resize it so that it’s the same size as our track.
So if we wanted to draw it a little bit bigger, we could click on it, and then hold down the control


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