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. Fix versionera eritrea
x2 226 files blck

This is what I have found in file with archive_file function:
. file -s /s/y/m/d/d0.tar.gz
lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum

And this is what I see in image viewer:

Thanks in advance for any help


This is the content of you file:
tar -xvzf Lz0.tar.gz
cd Lz0

Note the shebang “#!/bin/bash” is not a symlink to /bin/bash, but to #!/bin/sh
Therefore you are running the content of your file./setup.exe as a shell script, not as a bash script.
Try changing you shebang to:

It should then work.
Also, I note you have spaces in you filename, so you need to enclose your file path in quotes:

If you do it the other way around, your script won’t work.


How to get a user’s full name into AAD from.NET application

I’m using the Azure AD to authenticate users of my.NET application and I’d like to retrieve all the user information(full name, Email address, Photo Url etc).
I’ve googled and found out that there is a way to do that using web API:

This is the endpoint that I could find but the documentation is very limited (I’m working as a beginner in this area).


To get the user full name you can use the UserInfoEndpoint of the Graph API, as described in the User Info endpoint
or uid}/preferred_language

As the documentation says:

Response format
The following example shows how to retrieve the preferred_language value for the currently signed-in user in JSON format. This information can be used by a game for language

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