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Silica-based polymer microspheres are attractive for the many applications related to the sorption of biologically important species such as proteins, DNA, and peptides. Preparation of functionalized silica-based polymer microspheres with various ligands, including amino groups, carboxylic acid groups, and sulfonate groups, can be accomplished by two different and complementary synthetic approaches, solvent removal-based assembly and hydrolysis-based synthesis. In the first method, the polymer is prepared from a mixture of reagents dissolved in a hydrophilic solvent (e.g., water) via a polycondensation reaction, and the desired functional group is subsequently attached by postsynthetic modification. In the second method, silica-based polymer microspheres, typically synthesized by a sol-gel process, are further functionalized with the desired ligand groups. The reaction may occur upon synthesis of the microspheres or after they are prepared. In the first method, functional groups can be attached to the polymer backbone via a reaction between the amino groups of a precursor silica-based material and

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