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Techie Tales is a web magazine that specializes in writing about games. On these pages you’ll find tips, games reviews, articles, best ofs, free games, and many more. But I’m going to share with you the best websites to download cracked software. We have compiled an awesome list full of important information that you can use. You’ll have to practice being cautious when you are on these sites, because they are cracked, or hacked, and might just give you a nasty virus on your PC.

What is the factor of your decision to allow this online piracy? Maybe you are moving from a country where the cracked versions of software are hard to acquire. There is a vast difference in the number of websites, but I believe the main point of concern is personal satisfaction, convenience or privacy. The web is an incredible place where a user can take his freedom.

A site that I use and love is which provides an array of stuff for free including cracked software for PC, music, movies, apps and more. It is a very simple process, and you need to purchase a particular software product and then get an invite code from a friend to register. The basic prerequisite is a computer with access to the internet and this requirement is not very hard to meet.

Crack software means the software that have been cracked because this program has been fixed or modified in such a way that it can be completely removed easily from a system.
Hardcoded key means that the key will only work for the application that the key was intended for, ie. a key for Photoshop will only activate the Photoshop program, not any other programs on your system.
And remember before getting any software cracked, your system needs to be fully updated, malware preinstalled and patched or you can run the risk of being completely hosed by the hackers.
The software is typically available for download from torrents and forums that host cracked software (channels), forums, newsgroups, and file sharing sites (such as RapidShare, MegaUpload, and others), and most commonly via torrent search engines, BitTorrent download sites, and other P2P platforms.
People are starting to get wise to these distribution methods, which is why most of the sites are now jumping the pond and using more mainstream P2P sites, like BitTorrent and LimeTorrents.
While the ease of download makes them popular, they also make them a target for malicious attacks, like when hackers and criminals take over the site and offer pirated software to unsuspecting customers, thus making the site a malware distribution network. When you download from sites like these, the sites are regularly trying to steal your personal information and sell it to other criminals. You might also be running into a virus, which would be installed automatically on your computer if you download pirated software.
It is against the law to offer pirated software online, and we take the issue of copyright seriously. If we find that someone is distributing cracked software, we try to make sure that the person is taken down and any illegal sites are taken down as well.
Note that most cracked software is legitimate software that has been illegally modified and distributed as it is not legal to release copyrighted software.


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