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Tucows is an online book store where you can download all types of books and magazines. You can also sell your books if you want, and the customer service is excellent. The site has been around since 1986, and is one of the oldest bookstores in the world, which is evident from the high number of downloads. The site accepts all types of payment, including credit cards, Paypal, Google Checkout, Amazon payments, and Bitcoin.

In the world of books, Kindle reader is without a doubt, the best seller. If you want to get your hands on all the books youve been eyeing for, be it ebooks or physical books, you can easily read books on Amazon Kindle reader. Kindle reader also has its own app for Android and iOS and you can buy your books online from where you will get them to your devices.

Using torrents is one of the best ways to get your hands on books or movies that you want, but they may be a bit expensive. You can find a larger library of free books and movies on BookRags where you can enjoy reading books on the go. The site is based on the concept of social media where you can connect with other people who like to read, or listen to music or watch movies. BookRags is free to use, and the best thing about the site is that you dont have to login to access the content.


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