Spisso Derecho Constitucional Tributario Pdf Download [BETTER]

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Spisso Derecho Constitucional Tributario Pdf Download

Spisso, Rodolfo R. (2011). Derecho Constitucional Tributario. Quinta Edition. . Matthijs Alink and Viktor van Kommer, Tax Administration Guide. Ed. EBRD and EBRD. Groningen. P. 28-39. Fay, R.M. (2006). An Introduction to Income Taxes. Cambridge University Press. P. 111. Gibson, S. (2008). Taxation at a Glance. University of California Press. P. 9. Hertz, L.G. (2001). Taxation of Private Benefits in a Transition Economy. Proceedings of the American Political Science Association 98th Annual Meeting. The Washington Quarterly. P. 582-592. Häfther, G. (2000). Taxation and Employment in Ghana. Quarterly Journal of Economics. P. 492-510.

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