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irender nxt serial number ibrahim khan In download crack or re-uploaded .Microsoft has decided to drop its plan to create a smaller version of its Surface brand as it seeks a new identity after years of trying.

The tech giant is stopping the development of the Surface Mini, leaving only the bigger Surface Book and Surface Studio models to continue.

It will be a clear sign of the changing shape of Microsoft as it seeks to remain relevant in the face of Apple’s iPad and Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones.

The Surface mini should have seen the light of day last year but the company was unable to get the product out the door on time after big delays.

At the time, Surface chief Panos Panay said: “We’re very excited about bringing our newest innovation to the Surface mini.”

“This device will deliver a sensational new experience for Windows,” he said, adding that the world did not need a smaller Surface model.

It came after Apple announced that its new iPad was launching in October 2018 – just days after Microsoft’s Surface Mini was supposedly going to hit the shelves.

(Image: Microsoft) (Image: The Verge)

The company ended up cancelling production of the Surface mini, causing outrage from its customers and tech journalists.

The first generation of the Surface mini was planned for release in March 2016, but left over technical issues led to the delays, which were criticised in the press.

At that time Panay told the BBC that he was hopeful of making it to market for a July release, and promised: “We are not cancelling the product.”

“We are still committed to bringing Surface mini to market,” he said. “The best opportunity for us is right now.”

(Image: Microsoft) (Image: Microsoft)

However, in July 2016 Microsoft said it would be cancelling the Surface mini after customers were unable to place orders for the device.

“We have nothing to announce regarding Surface Mini today. We will deliver a Surface Pro 3 update in the coming weeks and will share more information then,” the company said on its Surface blog at the time.

That was then and this is now.

The Surface mini will now not be coming out, leaving only the larger Surface Book and Surface Studio to go head-to

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