Best Countries in the World to Invest In Real Estate

Best Countries to Invest In Real Estate to Make Money – This article looks at some of the best countries in the world to invest in Real Estate and why each is the best.

If you want to make money investing in Real Estate around the world, this article will really help.

Ever since the dawn of time, Homo sapiens have always been involved with staking a claim on various parts of the landscape for sheltering themselves and their families.

From the early days where Neanderthals sought their homes in caves, to medieval times where castles and moats and thatched huts dotted the countryside, shelter is one of the basic needs of surviving.

Best Countries in the World to Invest In Real Estate


In the past, Poland and its inhabitants were often the brunt of cruel jokes. However, the real estate market is no joke and offers one of the more serious opportunities for an individual to invest. One of the indicators that reveal that Poland is a good country in which to invest in real estate is the current growth rate that this country is experiencing.

Specifically, average house prices over the last four years have reflected a growth rate of 2.3%. In addition to experiencing this above-average growth rate is the potential for continued growth in the real estate market.

Additionally, the most likely concern of a foreign investor pandawaproperty is the various rules and laws that may be a variation or different from American real estate laws. What may have been once an issue is no longer as the rules regarding real estate have been improving. This needed change reflects a 26% increase over the last 10 years by foreign investors.


Germany is a highly industrialized nation. As such they have a vibrant economy. Additionally, with a high Gross Domestic Product per citizen of Germany, there is a corresponding increased value of the real estate.

In fact, recent real estate values are on the rise. Last year alone the increased value of property rose by 8.1% as compared to the previous year. Also, this does not appear to be an anomaly as the long-term value of the real estate has seen an average increase of value by 2.5%.

Added to the mix are the policies, laws that govern the real estate market, and the progressive nature of Germany which brings stability to the market.


The country of Denmark has a robust real estate market. The strength of this market is driven by two significant factors. The first factor is the rise in the value, on average, of homes. Specifically, Denmark has experienced an 11.7% increase in the housing market. When the average of the last 12 to 13 years is taken into consideration there has been a positive increase in home value at a 2.8% rate.

Another factor that is significantly stimulating the market, as of this writing, is that mortgages are at 0% interest. Certainly, an enticement for new homeowners and those looking to refinance existing mortgages.

Adding to the positive possibilities of investing in real estate in Denmark is the positive political, social and economic environment. Rounding out the value and possibilities of a wise investment in Denmark’s real estate are the progressive laws protecting owners.

United Kingdom

The real estate market in the United Kingdom reflects a 4.4% increase in property value. This is an average growth that is captured over a span of 29 years. As a strong possibility of an investment opportunity, an added dimension of low-interest rates combines for a potentially positive financial investment.

The Bank of England sets the base interest rate for the country. As of this narrative, the country’s mortgage rate is set at .1%. Other factors to include for any financial investments include the strength of the economy. In this case, when considering the United Kingdom, the average citizen enjoys the financial life of being in a high-income bracket.

As with the other countries listed, real estate laws and policies are conducive to the real estate market and investing.

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