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PiXPO Free Download ✌🏿







PiXPO [32|64bit] [Updated]

PiXPO is the easiest way to organize, share and search your digital photos. It is the perfect free photo management and sharing tool that brings people together from all over the world. It is a fully integrated software application that utilizes pictures organized on hard drive(s) or in a folder structure and can be installed on a PC or Mac.
With PiXPO, digital picture exchange is fun, easy and completely free.
Combine a powerful file-indexing tool with a unique peer-to-peer photo sharing technology, and the result is PiXPO. PiXPO is easy to install, easy to use, and totally free! Sharing your pictures in “public” or “private” settings, you are in complete control.
The PiXPO team met at a conference in Denver, Colorado, where we saw the future of technology and realized the need for fast, light and cross-platform software. That’s when the idea to create PiXPO was born.
PiXPO is a unique combination of a powerful search and file-organizing application which offers an easy way to view and organize your photos with special features to search for your favorite pictures.
With PiXPO you can easily organize your digital photos and share your work with friends and relatives.
Why PiXPO? It’s the easiest way to organize your digital photos, whether you are looking for them by location, subject, date or filename. PiXPO is the most widely used digital photo album program. With PiXPO, it’s as easy to share your photos with friends, family and colleagues as it is to print them out and give them as gifts.
Why not PiXPO? No other digital photo sharing tool on the market is faster, easier or more powerful than PiXPO.
PiXPO is the fastest way to share images to anyone, anywhere, right now.
Who is PiXPO for? PiXPO is the ideal free photo sharing tool for beginners to advanced users looking for a convenient way to create and publish a photo album online. The software allows easy, secure and convenient sharing of pictures online.
No Setup Required. PiXPO is easy to install and use. There is no technical training needed to use PiXPO. Simply start PiXPO and start sharing photos immediately.
PiXPO allows you to add and delete images and view images you’ve shared. You can also export photos directly to Facebook, or view them via FTP, SFTP, Yahoo!, AOL,


What’s in This Version:

8 new User Interface themes

3 new Photo Album themes (view your private albums using new themes)

Free p2p photo sharing (view your friends public albums)

PiXPO Torrent Download is a unique internet software based on the philosophy to share pictures, always in a Free, Safe and Fast way.

PiXPO works in all major operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X and Linux) and is for Free and Open Source with great features and support in their Forum.

PiXPO supports instant album creation with one click, browsing of anyone you know using your photo albums, invite friends from any distance, send free photo sharing invites, etc. It has a free “social photo sharing” community and access to free online photo hosting and an easy to use interface for all users.

With the software PiXPO means “a continuous source of sharing pictures and photo albums”.

PiXPO is the best photo album software for:

Easy photo sharing

Free photo sharing

Free photo album creation

Personal photo albums

Online photo album browsing

Photo album sharing

PiXPO is for those who like their pictures being shared in the most simple way possible, PiXPO is an easy to use and intuitive tool to share pictures.

PiXPO puts the power and the freedom in the hands of the users.

ImageMagick is a powerful set of image conversion tools. This version includes a new interface to photo collection management. We incorporated ImageMagick into our main UI toolkit (xulrunner) which brought ImageMagick into the XUL tools. This version also has a new pixaxpplugin which allows the pixaxpplugin to use ImageMagick’s features in the pixaxpplugin.

Also included in this version is a new “locker” feature in the pixaxpplugin. A new “locker” method allows the pixaxpplugin to save temporary files that may be needed by the pixaxpplugin when used together with the pixaxpplugin. By default a temporary directory is used by the pixaxpplugin. If the pixaxpplugin is used on a system that uses shared temporary directories, then the pixaxpplugin will use those temporary directories. As a result, the

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Create your own private or public photo albums
Using PiXPO you can easily create private photo albums and share your photos with your friends, family or colleagues. PiXPO is the easiest way to manage your pictures. Organize them, share them and relax!
Create your own photo gallery
Just a few clicks is all you need to create your own photo albums.
Create public photo albums
Anyone can view your private photos but you decide who can view your public albums. If you want your friends to have access to a private album to see who’s pictures are really good, you can create a public album.
Share photos with friends and family
Invite friends, family and colleagues to visit and see your pictures. They can decide to share or not to share your photos. Your choice.
Manage your pictures automatically
PiXPO doesn’t require you to type in repetitive information and you can make any changes easily.
Browse through pictures
PiXPO is the one place for picture sharing online. Create, search, share and publish pictures online.
Browse pictures
You can browse through pictures of the people you want to share them with. Just select the people from a contact list and PiXPO will search for the pictures you want.
P2P (peer to peer) sharing
Share your pictures with other PiXPO users. PiXPO makes sharing online easy and safe.
Create private albums
You can set individual permissions for any album. This is a great way to control who sees your photos.
Search pictures
Browse through thousands of pictures from around the world. Search for pictures using terms or descriptions.
Organize pictures
Get ready to share by organizing pictures into albums.
Create public albums
Anyone can access your private albums and they can decide whether they want to share or not.
Create individual albums
You can create any type of album and you can set individual permissions for any album.
Upload and download pictures
Using PiXPO’s p2p photo sharing technology it is easy to upload and download pictures.
Create shared albums
Shared albums can only be created by admins.
Change permissions
You can only change the permissions for shared albums.
Manage permissions
All album permissions can be managed by admins.
Add multiple addresses
You can now add multiple addresses at one time.
Create Contact List
You can now add contacts from a contact list, address book or an online directory.
Manage passwords
You can now manage

What’s New In?

Google Images is a search engine for the World Wide Web that incorporates many of Google’s search technologies. It has been successfully used in many popular search engines. This API integrates their image services with any web site.
PiXPO is a free p2p picture sharing software that allows you to create free photo albums. All of your pictures are automatically organized and shared in this online community. PiXPO makes sharing your images with your friends, family and colleagues easy.
1) PiXPO is user friendly and easy to use even for beginners.
2) PiXPO is Fast, 10x Faster than Mail.
3) PiXPO is Private photo sharing. You decide whether you want to share your private photo albums with anyone or not.
4) PiXPO is a online photo sharing community. There are no limits and it is free to use.
5) PiXPO provides Free Picture Hosting.
6) PiXPO allows you to share photos with friends and family.
7) PiXPO is Automatically Installed.
8) All of your photos are categorized into albums.
9) PiXPO is fast.
10) PiXPO is free to use
11) PiXPO is easy to use.
12) PiXPO is trusted and safe.
13) PiXPO uses public picture database.
14) PiXPO provides public picture hosting.
15) PiXPO allows you to browse pictures from around the world.
16) PiXPO provides free picture hosting.
17) PiXPO provides free picture searching.
18) PiXPO is easy to use for beginners.
19) PiXPO provides free picture searching.
20) PiXPO is fast.
21) PiXPO provides photo sharing for private and public users.
22) PiXPO automatically detects your existing accounts and allows you to link your accounts with PiXPO.
23) PiXPO provides backup photo album and picture backup.
24) PiXPO provides photo backup.
25) PiXPO provides photo search.
26) PiXPO provides auto update.
27) PiXPO provides copy to and from picture search.
28) PiXPO provides photo backup.
29) PiXPO provides album backup.
30) PiXPO provides album categorization.
31) PiXPO provides album backup.
32) PiXPO provides

System Requirements:

CPU: Dual Core Intel i3
Memory: 2GB
OS: Windows 7 SP1
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 or AMD HD 5850
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